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Webring -- Bringing related websites together..... Join Now!

The Travel Notes editors have created this Webring Directory to help you find webrings to join, or randomly surf some of the exceptional travel websites tucked away in a webring and not ranked highly on search engines.

Of course, you may want to start a webring of your own.

Creating A Webring:
If you're not happy with some of the webrings on offer you can always become a ringmaster yourself and create your own web ring.

What is a Web Ring?
Webrings are a collection of related websites joined together by a common navigation code; which allows surfers to reach all websites in the ring by clicking next, to eventually land up at the start of the ring -- if the ring code is in place on every site.

Webring Navigation:
Webring navigation bars also have a previous, random, and link to the ring hub as well as a way for interested webmasters to join the ring. Some webrings also use skip, next5, prev5, and list on their navigation.

Customising Webrings:
A ringmaster can also customise the look of the webring so that it stands out and looks appealing. Beware that your webring navigation bar is not too large or people won't feel comfortable putting it on their website; especially if they already have a few other webrings there.

Establishing Your Webring:
There are so many webrings around that getting a webring of your own going is not always easy.

Not many people want to join a ring if there are only a couple of websites in it, but we all have to start somewhere.

Unless you're already part of a web community with like-minded webmasters you're going to have to go out and get people to join your webring.

Getting Webmasters to Join Your Ring:
You'll need to search for websites that match your webring theme and contact the webmaster with an invitation to join your ring. Explain what your webring is about and why their website would fit in.

The Webring Gets a Life of its Own:
Once your webring gets going, other websites will find your ring and you may even find yourself turning people away.

The Nice Thing About Webrings:
At a time when there is so much competition for websites to get above one another in search engine rankings, it's nice to see like-minded webmasters actually making the effort to distribute their traffic around the webring.

Maintaining The Webring:
Linking to related information is what the world wide web is about.

The Bad Thing About Webrings:
Too many of them on a 'links' page, far removed from the content of the site; and broken codes. There are people who join webrings in the hope that they will get more traffic to their site but don't believe in giving to the ring in return.

If the navigation code is missing from a website in the ring, your webring is broken. In fairness to other members, and the surfers who enjoy using your ring, these 'cheating' sites need to be weeded out promptly.

Where to Set Up Your Web Ring

We use and are very comfortable with their interface. But that's not to say they'll necessarily be the best for you. Take a look at some of your options and make your own mind up.

But before you do, you might want to read about System -- by James S. Huggins.

Bravenet Site Ring:
The Bravenet Sitering has attracted interest because of the customisation features webmasters can add to their navigation and ring hub pages.

Ringsurf benefited from the September 5th, 2000 exodus of webring owners, when Yahoo stepped in to take over the popular

Ringlink is a free, open source CGI Perl program for building and running webrings. The advantages when you install Ringlink yourself, is that you are in control; with unlimited customization possibilities for the advanced user.

Tried to capitalise on the Yahoo takeover of the original by slagging off the company, telling webmasters why they should move to CrickRock (some of it justified -- the ugly navbars) and then advising webmasters to keep their original webring on Yahoo to use as a doorway -- The easiest way to move a ring without doing a thing..... err, not really.

Related Webring Links:

The Strange Saga of Yahoo and WebRing:
Salon's look at Yahoo's take over of Webring, failing to do anything with it, and the concept's eventual return to the capable hands of Tim Killeen.

The Full Yahoo! WebRing Story:
The Wazillion Navbars Project really is the best thing around on the Yahoo! WebRing saga.

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Free discussion forum to chat about travel and the world in general. Leave a message on the board for feedback on air travel, world travel, adventure travel or your favourite travel destination.

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