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Featured Travel Sites: Unusual Hotels of the World

Added on September 27th, 2005:

Unusual Hotels of the World

Unusual Hotels of the World:

We discovered this gem thanks to a post by one of our travel forum members.

It's always a pleasure finding something unique online and this is one of those sites that need to be shared around, especially if you like staying somewhere different; in a hotel that is special - unique even.

Many hotel chains are so brand conscious these days that their rooms are pretty much the same, whether you stay at their hotel in Berlin or Paris; right down to the complimentary copy of the Herald Tribune, in the morning.

Some of us prefer to stay in a hotel that has some character associated with the town, city or country we are travelling in.

Take that one step further and choose to stay in a hotel that has it's own raison d'�tre; a reason to travel to stay in the hotel itself - rather than just sleep in a hotel for the night - and you need something really unique.

If you like staying in places a little different, check-in to Unusual Hotels of the World, created by Simon Penn and Steve Dobson. It's even worth a browse if you're an armchair traveller.

Searching Unusual Hotels

The active server pages throw up a new featured property every time you visit Unusual Hotels of the World, so the homepage is always looking fresh - until you've seen all the featured hotels.

Some of the hotels listed on the site are already familiar to an international audience but dig deep and you could unveil some real gems.

There were some 130 hotels listed when we searched, with four hotels to a page being returned. The featured hotels are shown first.

All search returns include a thumbnail image and brief description of the hotel; the type of hotel it is and its location. You can't click on 'type' or 'location' here, to get full listings, but you can make booking enquiries and comment on the hotel; if you've stayed there.

Hotels by Location

Search by Hotel Location and you're taken to a colourful map of the world.

Roll your mouse over the image map and a little box illustrates how many of each type of hotel are in a particular region.

Click on the region that interests you, then mouse over all around the regional map that follows; to see what type of hotel is available in each country.

You could pay to spend the night in a prison, in Sweden (and not have a criminal record); or try the 7-foot tall Champagne Glass Whirlpool Bath-for-Two, in Pennsylvania.

Hotels by Type

Maybe you prefer to stay underground, inside an igloo, up a tree, underwater, in a religious building or in a bed where the furniture is on the ceiling (crazy designer).

A search by hotel type could give you just what you're looking for:
Art Gallery/Museum (4 hotels);
Cabins (5 hotels); Cable car connected buildings (Prague); Castle/Fortress/Palace (5 hotels); Crazy/Designer/D�cor (15 hotels); Desert/Oasis Fantasy (4 hotels); Floating (3 hotels); Historical Building (3 hotels); Ice/Igloo (6 hotels); Island (5 hotels); Lighthouse (3 hotels); Luxury New Age (Arizona); Prison (3 hotels); Rainforest/Jungle (3 hotels); Religious Building (9 hotels); Safari (South Africa); Station (Scotland); Straddles 2 Countries (France/Switzerland); Train (6 hotels); Tree House (18 hotels); Tropical Huts/Tents (7 hotels); Underground/Cave (10 hotels); Underwater/Reefside (3 hotels); Views (4 hotels); Water Tower (K�ln); Wilderness (5 hotels).

Hotels by Budget

Staying in an unusual hotel doesn't necessarily mean paying ridiculous prices. If price is your concern though, you could just search according to your budget - or someone else's.

Unusual Hotels Under $100: (22 hotels);
Unusual Hotels $100-$150: (23 hotels);
Unusual Hotels $150-$250: (18 hotels);
Unusual Hotels $250-$350: (52 hotels);
Unusual Hotels $350+: (15 hotels)

The 'Unusual' Newsletter

You can also sign-up for the latest unusual additions or view previous newsletters.

This site will feature in my future travel plans. We hope you find something interesting in there too.


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