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Travel2 pages
World-Heritage2 pages
UNESCO World Heritage Photos: Stock Photography, Posters and Prints
UNESCO World Heritage Photos: Stock Photography, Posters and Prints
videos.travelnotes.org21 pages
Travel Notes Videos - Tune In To The World Travel Video Channel
Beaches - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Camping - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Canoeing - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Caving - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Climbing - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Cruise Line Videos on the Travel Notes Video Channel
Cycling - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Fishing - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Hiking - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Horseback - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Mountain Biking - Outdoor Activity Videos -
National Parks - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Offroading - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Skiing - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Sailing - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Surfing - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Swimming - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Theme Parks - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Wildlife - Outdoor Activity Videos -
Travel Notes Videos - Tune In To The World Travel Video Channel
africa1 page
Africa Videos - Travel to Africa on The Travel Notes Video Channel
asia1 page
Asia Videos - Travel to Asia on The Travel Notes Video Channel
caribbean1 page
Caribbean Videos - Travel to The Caribbean on The Travel Notes Video Channel
europe1 page
Europe Videos - Travel to Europe on The Travel Notes Video Channel
middle_east1 page
Middle East Videos - Travel to the Mddle East on The Travel Notes Video Channel
north_america1 page
North America Videos - Travel to Europe on The Travel Notes Video Channel
oceania1 page
Oceania Videos - Travel to Oceania on The Travel Notes Video Channel
south_america1 page
South America Videos - Travel to South America on The Travel Notes Video Channel
hotels1 page
Hotel Videos on The Travel Notes Video Channel
blog.travelnotes.org2 pages
Travel Writing on The Travel Notes Blog and Network of Travel Bloggers
Travel Writing on The Travel Notes Blog and Network of Travel Bloggers
201512 pages
American Battle Monuments Commission - Great War in France
Armistice Day 1918 - 11th November a Date to Remember
Artstetten Castle 28th June, 2014: 100 Years After Assasination
Messines Ridge British Cemetery - Great War 1914-1918
Fort de Douaumont, Verdun - Great War 1914-1818
German Bunker at Tyne Cot Cemetery - Great War 1914-1918
Hill 60 Cratered Landscape - Great War 1914-1918
Montsec American Monument - Great War 1914-1918
Pozieres Memorial to the Missing - 1918 Battles of the Somme
Saint-Mihiel American Cemetery - Great War 1914-1918
Their Name Liveth For Evermore - Battlefield Tours
World War One Trenches - Great War 1914-1918
cars.travelnotes.org6 pages
Find The Car Hire That's Right For You @
Car Rentals: Rental Car Agencies @
Ace Rent a Car -
Advantage Rent a Car -
Alamo Rent a Car -
Find The Car Hire That's Right For You @
magun.travelnotes.org9 pages
Nomadic Gatherings - Sydney Harbour Cover Photo by Michel Guntern
Nomadic Gatherings: Travels in Asia and Australia - by Michel Guntern
Magun's Compass -- Travel Guide.
Travel Tweets You May Have Missed: Nomadic Gatherings: Online Chapters
Nomadic Gatherings: Travels in Asia and Australia - by Michel Guntern
Nomadic Gatherings: Travels in Asia and Australia - Acknowledgments
Nomadic Gatherings - Around The World In 80 Months
Legal Notice: Disclaimer and Copyright
Around the World in 80 Months
Africa9 pages
Landing in Lagos
Niger to Benin
Lake Ganvie -- Benin, West Africa
Being in Benin, on the West Africa Trail....
Lagos by Day.... Travel Tips for Nigeria.
Where on earth is the car?
Photogenic Lake Ganvie, Benin.
Danger on the roads around Parakou
Egypt5 pages
The Egyptian Photo Gallery (Ramses II)
The Egyptian Photo Gallery (The Sphynx at Giza)
The Egyptian Photo Gallery (Steps down from Mt. Sinai)
The Egyptian Photo Gallery (Abu Simbel)
The Egyptian Photo Gallery (Karnak)
China_Travel24 pages
China Rail Travel - Travel by Train in China
The Train Carriage in China - A Commune Eating and Sleeping Together
China Travel - Chapter Five of Nomadic Gatherings
Meeting The Train Passengers - Chee Lu, Medical Graduate
China Travel - Chapter Five of Nomadic Gatherings
Why Go to Shanghai - Train Passengers Share Their Reasons
Huaiushia - First Stop, Nine Hours Into Train Journey to Shanghai
Reveille to Piped Music - Ready For Another Day on a ChineseTrain
Jinhua to West Lake - Guangzhou to Shanghai by Train
Approaching Shanghai - Preparing to Meet The Crowds
Visiting Suzhou - Canals, Bridges and Xuanmiao Si Taoist Temple
Shanghai Character - Yu Gardens, Wuxingting Teahouse & The Bund
Last Night in Shanghai - Why The PuJian Hotel Sold My Bed
Shanghai to Beijing - Buying Train Tickets in China Is Not Always Easy
Ticket Office For Foreigners - Shanghai Soft-Sleeper Waiting Room
Buying a Train Ticket in Shanghai, China - The Night Before Departure
One More Card to Play in The Train Ticket-Buying Poker Game
On The Train to Tianjin - Stops at Wuxi and Nanjing
Nanjing - On The East Bank of The Yangtse River
Busy in The Fields - No Rest on Sunday
Late Sleepers, Early Risers - Some People Just Can't Sit Still
Arrival in Tianjin - Calling a Casual Acquaintance
Visiting a Chinese Family in Tianjin - Family Sun
Leaving Tianjin - Next Stop, Beijing - The Northern Capital
Northern_Capitals14 pages
Beijing Arrival - No Room to Wait or Wait For a Room
Badaling - Visiting The Great Wall of China
The Battle in Tiananmen Square - Placing a Call in a Public Phone Box
Beijing Departure: Capital of China - Easy to Get to But Hard to Leave
Travel to Harbin by Train - Meeting The Passengers
Harbin Arrival - The Capital of Heilongjiang Province
Noodles and Meat - But What Animal Was On The Chinese Menu
Northern Capitals - Chapter Six of Nomadic Gatherings
First Class Waiting-Room in China - Away From The Chinese Masses
Northern Capitals - Chapter Six of Nomadic Gatherings
Sitting in Silence While Studying The Lack of Privacy in China
Wake, Eat, Sleep - While The Train Trundles Through China
The Swiss Engineers and Nestle's Milk Powder Factory in Harbin
Trying to Avoid Crowds in China With Chinese Connections
Colonial_Gateway15 pages
Landing in Hong Kong - Former Colonial Gateway to China
Around Hong Kong - Between The Old Trams and Modern Financial Offices
Express Train Number 98 - Hong Kong to The People's Republic of China
Green Tea of China - Wet But Dry in Taste
British in Canton - Historically Speaking - Relations With China
Overcrowded Guangzhou Station & Train Tickets For China Travel (CITS)
Colonial Gateway - Chapter Four of Nomadic Gatherings
Changing Money in China - Renminbi People's Money During The FEC Days
Colonial Gateway - Chapter Four of Nomadic Gatherings
Fresh Food in China - So Fresh It Still Wriggled and Squiggled
Guangzhou Zoo - Animals May Not Be Eaten But Are Still Poorly Treaten
Bananas and Cycle Jams in Guangzhou
Meeting The Chinese - Along The Pearl River, Guangzhou
Attracting a Crowd - When a Chinaman Speaks to The Foreigner
Foreign Bookstore and Chinese Money
Taking_Off18 pages
Flying to Asia on Air India - Cheap Flights Add Hours to the Journey
Staying in Tokyo - Budget Traveller in a Business Hotel
Pilgrimage to Nikko - Sacred Places in Japan
Eating Japanese and Geting Around Tokyo Like a Local
Tourists in Kyoto - Top Travel Destination For Visitors to Japan
Staying in Kyoto - Budget Travellers Meet Up in Japanese Guest Houses
Taking the Train in Japan - Japanese Rules, Rituals and Ceremony
On The Train in Japan - Japanese Businessmen Relax After a Hard Day
Heading into the Heart of the Southern Japanese Island of Kyushu
Ascent to Mt Aso - A Gaijin on Periphery of an all-Japanese Tour Party
The Japanese Cable Car Hostess
Fujisaki Hachiman Shrine - Kumamoto Zuibyo Festival
Shinkansen Train Travel - Sleeping in a Japanese Train Station
A Sign on The Door Said Japanese Style
Peace Memorial Museum - Hiroshima
Taking Off - Chapter One of Nomadic Gatherings
Landing in Tokyo, Narita Airport - Long-Haul Flight From London
Taking Off - Chapter One of Nomadic Gatherings
Anthems188 pages
National Anthem of America
National Anthem of Ghana
National Anthem of Egypt
National Anthem of South Africa
National Anthem of Morocco
National Anthem of Senegal
National Anthem of Uganda
National Anthem of Nigeria
National Anthem of Mozambique
National Anthem of Kenya
National Anthem of Indonesia
National Anthem of Thailand
National Anthem of China
National Anthem of Malaysia
National Anthem of The Philippines
National Anthem of India
National Anthem of South Korea
National Anthem of Singapore
National Anthem of Taiwan
National Anthem of Japan
National Anthem of The Netherlands
National Anthem of Germany
National Anthem of Hungary
National Anthem of Denmark
National Anthem of Ireland
National Anthem of Turkey
National Anthem of England
National Anthem of Italy
National Anthem of Switzerland
National Anthem of United Arab Emirates
National Anthem of Jordan
National Anthem of Lebanon
National Anthem of Qatar
National Anthem of Israel
National Anthem of Kuwait
National Anthem of Saudi Arabia
National Anthem of Colombia
National Anthem of Argentina
National Anthem of Mexico
National Anthem of Venezuela
National Anthem of Peru
National Anthem of Uruguay
National Anthem of Ecuador
National Anthem of Costa Rica
National Anthem of Chile
National Anthem of Barbados
National Anthem of Jamaica
National Anthem of Cuba
National Anthem of Dominican Republic
National Anthem of Puerto Rico
National Anthem of Andorra
National Anthem of Angola
National Anthem of Antigua
National Anthem of Armenia
National Anthem of Azerbaijan
National Anthem of Bahrain
National Anthem of Bangladesh
National Anthem of Belgium
National Anthem of Belize
National Anthem of Benin
National Anthem of Bhutan
National Anthem of Bolivia
National Anthem of Botswana
National Anthem of Brunei
National Anthem of Bulgaria
National Anthem of Burkina Faso
National Anthem of Myanmar
National Anthem of Burundi
National Anthem of Cambodia
National Anthem of Cameroon
National Anthem of Central African Republic
National Anthem of Chad
National Anthem of Comoro Islands
National Anthem of Congo
National Anthem of Democratic Republic of Congo (Zaire)
National Anthem of Djibouti
National Anthem of Dominica
National Anthem of El Salvador
National Anthem of Equatorial Guinea
National Anthem of Eritrea
National Anthem of Estonia
National Anthem of Ethiopia
National Anthem of Fiji
National Anthem of Finland
National Anthem of Gabon
National Anthem of Gambia
National Anthem of Georgia
National Anthem of Greece
National Anthem of Grenada
National Anthem of Guatemala
National Anthem of Guinea
National Anthem of Guinea Bissau
National Anthem of Guyana
National Anthem of Haiti
National Anthem of The Vatican
National Anthem of Honduras
National Anthem of Iceland
National Anthem of Iraq
National Anthem of Ivory Coast
National Anthem of Kazakhstan
National Anthem of Kiribati
National Anthem of Laos
National Anthem of Latvia
National Anthem of Lesotho
National Anthem of Liberia
National Anthem of Libya
National Anthem of Lithuania
National Anthem of Luxembourg
National Anthem of Madagascar
National Anthem of Malawi
National Anthem of Maldives
National Anthem of Mali
National Anthem of Malta
National Anthem of the Marshall Islands
National Anthem of Mauritania
National Anthem of Mauritius
National Anthem of Micronesia
National Anthem of Monaco
National Anthem of Mongolia
National Anthem of Former Yugoslavia
National Anthem of Nauru
National Anthem of Nepal
National Anthem of Nicaragua
National Anthem of Niger
National Anthem of North Korea
National Anthem of Norway
National Anthem of Oman
National Anthem of Pakistan
National Anthem of Palau
National Anthem of Panama
National Anthem of Paraguay
National Anthem of Portugal
National Anthem of France
National Anthem of Romania
National Anthem of Rwanda
National Anthem of St. Kitts
National Anthem of St. Lucia
National Anthem of St. Vincent
National Anthem of San Marino
National Anthem of Sao Tome
National Anthem of Seychelles
National Anthem of Sierra Leone
National Anthem of Slovenia
National Anthem of the Solomon Islands
National Anthem of Somalia
National Anthem of Sri Lanka
National Anthem of Sudan
National Anthem of Suriname
National Anthem of Swaziland
National Anthem of Sweden
National Anthem of Syria
National Anthem of Tanzania
National Anthem of Togo
National Anthem of Tonga
National Anthem of Trinidad & Tobago
National Anthem of Tunisia
National Anthem of Tuvalu
National Anthem of Vanuatu
National Anthem of Vietnam
National Anthem of Western Samoa
National Anthem of Yemen
National Anthem of Zambia
National Anthems of the World
National Anthem of Afghanistan
National Anthem of Albania
National Anthem of Algeria
National Anthem of Australia
National Anthem of Austria
National Anthem of Bahamas
National Anthem of Brazil
National Anthem of Canada
National Anthem of Cape Verde
National Anthem of Croatia
National Anthem of Cyprus
National Anthem of Czech Republic
National Anthem of Dutch Antilles
National Anthem of Iran
National Anthem of the Isle of Man
National Anthem of Namibia
National Anthem of New Zealand
National Anthem of Papua New Guinea
National Anthem of Poland
National Anthem of Russia
National Anthem of Slovakia
National Anthem of Spain
National Anthem of Ukraine
National Anthem of Wales
National Anthem of Zimbabwe
Kimchi12 pages
Going to South Korea - Ferry Sailing From Japan - Shimonoseki to Pusan
Waiting With a Wad of Won - Welcome to Pusan, South Korea
Bus to Kyongju - Home of the Shaman Kings
Sightseeing in Kyongju - Visiting Pulguk-sa Temple and Sokkuram Grotto
Nightlife in Kyongju - You May Pay More Than You Bargained For
Changing Money - It Helps to Have Smaller Notes to Pay Bar Girls With
Kimpo International Airport - Flying From Seoul, South Korea
The Seoul Olympics - Reflecting on The Olympic Games in South Korea
Anonymous Solitude - Never a Quiet Moment in Seoul
Korean People: Welcome to Korea - Have a Nice Stay
Kimchi and Gold Medals - Chapter Two of Nomadic Gatherings
Kimchi and Gold Medals - Chapter Two of Nomadic Gatherings
Little_Sister9 pages
Arrival in Taiwan - Looking for Differences and Similarities
Tainan - Oldest City on The Island of Taiwan
Chungshan Park - Escaping The Heat or Bathing in The Sun
Bus Travel in Taiwan
Travel to Chiayi - On The Way to Alishan
On The Bus to Taipei
Restaurant in Taipei - Waitress Amused That I Was Heading For China
Little Sister - Chapter Three of Nomadic Gatherings
Little Sister - Chapter Three of Nomadic Gatherings
Grasslands_to_Terracotta2 pages
To Hohhot - Touring The Grasslands of Inner Mongolia
Grasslands to Terracotta - Chapter Seven of Nomadic Gatherings
Asia18 pages
Thailand has many faces
Stop Over in Singapore
Travel In Asia
Laos: Wringing Out the New Year....
Vietnam... The modern Ho Chi Minh Trail
Vientiane, dreamlike capital of sleepy Laos.....
Uncle Ho Would Turn In His Mausoleum
Hue - Vietnam
The Reunification Express - Hanoi to Saigon
Savannakhet...... A world away from Vientiane
Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)
The Market Economy in Vietnam
Guidebooks Are A Godsend
In Transit: Hue to Hoi An, Vietnam
Songkran.... Wringing out the New Year...
Out of Date or Ahead of Their Time
Hoi An - Vietnam
Kontum -- The Central Highlands, Vietnam
China10 pages
China in Eighty Eight
Hong Kong
Keep Your Eyes On Yor Bags When Travelling
Beijing - China Travel
Replacing Papers That Are Stolen
Jumbo Floating Restaurant - Hong Kong
Christmas In China
Leaving China
Indian7 pages
The Indian Sub-Continent
The Indian Photo Gallery (Cows are sacred)
The Indian Photo Gallery (The Taj Mahal)
The Indian Photo Gallery (Taj Detail)
The Indian Photo Gallery (The Face of Rajasthan)
The Indian Photo Galery (Boy Buddhist)
The Indian Photo Gallery (Varanasi)
Australia10 pages
Australia: Travelling Down Under
Australia: Travelling Down Under
Australia - An Introduction
Walkabout in Australia
Hitching Australia
Melbourne to Adelaide
North of Adelaide
From Port Augusta
To Coober Pedy
The Aborigine in Coober Pedy
Europe5 pages
Hitch-Hiking in Europe
Hitch-hiking through Europe
Scandinavia by Boat
Arrival in Esbjerg
Hitching from Kolding
SouthAmerica7 pages
South America, the Continent of contrasts
The South American Photo Gallery (Sharpening the blade)
The South American Photo Gallery (Otavalo Indian Girl)
The South American Photo Gallery (Basket Market, Saquisili, Ecuador)
The South American Photo Gallery (Bolivian Tin Miner)
The South American Photo Gallery (Poncho Plaza)
NorthAmerica12 pages
North America by Greyhound
US 94 -- The United States -- World Cup Football
With a thirty day pass, you can make the most out of plans
Greyhound travel may have lost its glamour......
Montreal -- Canada.
The Kick Off... US 94
The Pontiac Silverdrome
Washington D.C.
Daytona Beach... Car culture gone crazy
Party Street, Orlando
The Second Round:
CentralAmerica6 pages
Central America: Travel Tips.
Easter in Antigua, cultural capital of Guatemala......
Antigua, Cultural Capital of Guatemala....
Easter in Antigua, the tradition continues...
The Procession leaves La Merced, and tours Antigua....
Soviet2 pages
From Russia With Love
Samarkand - Central Asia is a different world from anything remotely Russian
Network1 page
Travel - Destinations - Planning Your Travel
Books2 pages
The Literary Traveller
Travel Books.
Companions1 page
Travel Companions.
cruises.travelnotes.org22 pages - Cruise Lines and Cruise Line Destinations
Azamara Club Cruises -
Carnival Cruise Lines -
Celebrity Cruises -
Costa Cruises -
Crystal Cruises -
Cunard Cruise Line -
Disney Cruise Line -
Holland America Line -
MSC Cruises -
Norwegian Cruise Line -
Oceania Cruises -
Princess Cruises -
Regent Seven Seas -
Royal Caribbean International -
Saga Cruises -
The Yachts of Seabourn - Seabourn Cruise Line -
Silversea Cruises -
Uniworld River Cruises -
Windstar Cruises -
China River Cruises: Yangtze, Pearl and Li Rivers - - Cruise Lines and Cruise Line Destinations
lodging.travelnotes.org10 pages
Travel to for Discount Hotels and Budget Accommodation
Africa Hotel Guide -
Asia Hotel Guide -
Australia and Oceania Hotel Guide -
Europe Hotel Guide -
Central America Hotel Guide -
North America Hotel Guide -
South America Hotel Guide -
Caribbean Hotel Guide -
Travel to for Discount Hotels and Budget Accommodation
countries.travelnotes.org1 page
The 1800 Group of Travel Related Destinations - Part of
m.travelnotes.org2 pages
Mobile Sydney Travel Guide - Travel Notes Mobile Travel Apps
Mobile City Travel Guides - Travel Notes Mobile Travel Apps
france.travelnotes.org10 pages
Travel and Living in France - France Travel Notes
Discover France With Michelin's Local Maps - France Travel Guides
Travel and Living in France - France Travel Notes
Central France - France Travel Notes
Eastern France - France Travel Notes
Northern France - France Travel Notes
Southern France - France Travel Notes
South-Western France - France Travel Notes
Western France - 1800-France
DOM-TOM - French Overseas Departments and Territories - France Travel Notes
corsica1 page
Map of Corsica (Corse) - France Travel Notes
corse-du-sud1 page
Corse-du-Sud (2A) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
haute-corse1 page
Haute-Corse (2B) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
cities1 page
Map and Travel Information For The Regional Capitals of France - France Travel Notes
paris1 page
Paris (75) - Departments of France @
departments1 page
Map of French Departements - France Travel Notes
ain1 page
Ain (01) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
aisne1 page
Aisne (02) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
allier1 page
Allier (03) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
alpes-de-haute-provence1 page
Alpes-de-Haute-Provence (04) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
hautes-alpes1 page
Hautes-Alpes (05) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
alpes-maritimes1 page
Alpes-Maritimes (06) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
ardeche1 page
Ardeche (07) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
ardennes1 page
Ardennes (08) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
ariege1 page
Ariege (09) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
aube1 page
Aube (10) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
aude 1 page
Aude (11) - Departments of France - France Travel Notes
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