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On the east bank of the Yangtse, Nanjing is famous for the overthrow of the Yuan Dynasty by a peasant rebellion led by Zhu Yuanzhang.

The rebels captured the town in 1356 and went on to capture the Mongol capital of Beijing in 1368.

Zhu took the name of Hong Wu and set himself up as the first Emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

The longest city wall ever built anywhere in the World is here and it measures 33.4km. Two thirds of it is still said to be standing. I was told that the tomb of Hong Wu and the Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall were also in the city.

After listening to descriptions of Nanjing, as one of the cleanest cities in China, and reading in the tourist guide that the Jingling Hotel was the tallest building in China, I wanted to get off.

We crossed The Great Bridge; a double-decker achievement opened on 23rd December, 1968.

The 6,700 metre railway bridge started over fields, passed a little house by a lake where twelve geese swam up for feeding, and carried on over roller-skaters chasing long shadows and lazy couples lying in a flower garden.

By the time it reached the 1,000 metre wide river Yangtse, the road was above us and would also span for 4,500 metres.

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