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"What do you think of Korean people?"

Friendly and helpful, of course; which on the whole they were.

The streets were clean; a necessity as much food trading was done at floor level.

Street food-vendors were in abundance: hot-dogs on a stick and dipped in batter were a local favourite; bananas, slices of pineapple and water melon were also popular. Rubbish-bins overflowed with sticks and banana skins.

"What is your work?"

I would change this to suit my mood. I was away to do nothing more than move along, look and see, read and write, and take a few pictures. I couldn't say that was work.

"Would you like to read this?"

The booklet was invariably about believing and the wonders it could do to my life.

"Thank-you. I believe and isn't it wonderful," I would smile. I had been verbally manoeuvred once again in the preacher's chess-game, that would always end with a very polite:

"Welcome to Korea," and "Have a nice stay."

We flew above darkening clouds, the sun had slipped below the horizon, the outside light slowly faded. I returned to Paul Theroux's 'Great Railway Bazaar'. I was flying, but we had a similar fascination with motion.

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