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In town that night, I persuaded Dave to try a traditional Pulkoki, (thin sliced marinated beef and spring onions cooked at the table, with rice and side dishes of spicy vegetables), and eaten with chopsticks.

A few cheap beers and a little musical entertainment, without a massage or a plate of cut melons, peaches, and grapes, was a little harder to find. You had to bargain to determine the right price in a 'stand-bar'.

Three girls pulled up chairs, poured themselves a glass of beer from our bottles and devoured the plate of peanuts that they had placed in front of us. The shock came when we decided to move on.

"Eight thousand Won," the girl smiled.

"But we agreed on three," I said. It was too early to be taken already.

Her English was limited, so she just pointed at the salt-stained plate where the peanuts had been.

"But you ate them," Dave said. We only had ten thousand Won notes, and to hand one of them over would mean only two in return. Dave nipped out to get some change.

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