Magun's Compass - Online Home of Nomadic Gatherings Travel Notes Nomadic Gatherings: Travels in Asia and Australia Nomadic Gatherings Michel Guntern (Author) 6. Northern Capitals - Noodles and Meat

Along the river, women washed clothes on steps at the bank, children played in thick overcoats, and old men in blue played cards; using stones to stop them being blown away by the wind.

In a restaurant, I couldn't understand the menu, so I looked around for something appetising. The waitress suggested that I write it down in English.

'Noodles and meat', I wrote. Keep it simple, I thought.

The girl smiled and pointed to a price on the menu.

"OK," I smiled.

She took the order to the kitchen and her friend returned with a can of 'Special Quality Drink'. It was fruity, probably a blend of several, and thicker than the average canned drink; almost a syrup.

While I meditated on its taste, the waitress returned with a slip of paper:

'Sorry no noodles, but we have rice'.

I said that would do fine. She looked at me, so I underlined rice; and nodded.

I was brought a bowl of rice and a plate of deep-fried, fatty meat. I wondered if it was the traditional bear-paw or nose of camel deer. No-one could translate, but it was probably pork.

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