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Researching Round-The-World (RTW) airfares is as easy as choosing your favourite destinations; the places you'd like to visit (or re-visit) the most.

When I first started travelling around the world, I used to phone up travel agents during working hours to try and get the best-priced open-jaw airline tickets that would allow me to fly into one place, travel overland, and then fly out of another.

Now we can find those cheap flight tickets online, any time of day or night.

Around The World Airfares

If you're searching for an easy solution to plan and price your custom route for a Multi-Stop International or Around-the-World journey then you've come to the right place.

Choosing where to travel around the world is easier than you think, especially when you use online tools to start your Trip Planning.

Around The World

Create a Route by choosing the region you intend to depart from, and then your departure city.

Once you've added the cities you'd like to visit, you'll be presented with the best options based on your original city list.

Often, the least expensive routing requires that you transit through certain gateway cities. Your requested cities will be shown in black; with inserted cities shown in blue.

You can change your route slightly, to save money, or get more bang for your buck with even more suggested destinations thrown in - for not a lot of extra outlay.

Once you submit your trip, a travel counsellor can help you fine-tune your itinerary, check flight availability, and finalise your booking. He or she can also suggest options that could help you get more out of your trip - and maybe save you even more money.

Some Airtrekking Ideas

Here are some typical Round-the-World routes to give you some ideas. You can modify the RTW flight paths as you choose.

Classic Around The World Route:
New York - London - Rome - (overland) - Athens - Bangkok - New York.

Classic Circle Atlantic:
Miami - Lima - Sao Paulo - Rio de Janeiro - Lisbon - London - Miami.

Classic Circle Pacific:
Los Angeles - Papeete (Tahiti) - Auckland - Brisbane - Denpasar (Bali) - Singapore - (overland) - Bangkok - Hong Kong - Los Angeles.

South East Asian Splendors:
San Francisco - Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) - Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) - Bangkok - Koh Samui - Phuket - Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar (Bali) - San Francisco.

Wildlife Spectacular:
Chicago - Bangkok - Delhi - Nairobi - Cairo - London - Chicago.

Cultural Hotspots:
New York City - Rome - Athens - Cairo - Mumbai (Bombay) - (overland) - Varanasi - Kathmandu - Bangkok - Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) - Ho Chi Minh (Saigon) - Bangkok - Auckland - Papeete (Tahiti) - Easter Island - Santiago - Lima - Cusco - Miami - New York City.

Endless Summer:
Los Angeles - San Jose - Sao Paulo - Johannesburg - (overland) - Cape Town - Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar (Bali) - Brisbane - Auckland - Nadi (Fiji) - Los Angeles.

The Southern Walkabout:
New York City - Buenos Aires - Cape Town - (overland) - Johannesburg - Mauritius - Perth - (overland) - Sydney - Christchurch - (overland) - Auckland - Nadi (Fiji) - Los Angeles - New York City.

As the Spirit Moves You:
Los Angeles - Denpasar (Bali) - Bangkok - Kathmandu - Delhi - Amman - Istanbul - Rome - Los Angeles.

Super Around-the-World:
Chicago - London - (overland) - Athens - Cairo - Nairobi - Johannesburg - Cape Town - Mumbai (Bombay) - Kathmandu - Bangkok - (overland) - Singapore - Sydney - Auckland - Nadi (Fiji) - Rarotonga (Cook Islands) - Los Angeles - Chicago.

UK and European Departures:
Of course you don't have to start your Round The World journey from the United States. Your could take off from London or almost anywhere in Europe.

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