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Travel Writers

Thank-you for your interest in writing for Travel Notes through our Travel-Write section.

Please read through our writer's guidelines before submitting travel articles to us for possible publication.


You Must Own The Copyright To Anything You Submit To Us

You will assign us digital rights to publish the work on and Travel Notes™ multimedia, although the copyright remains with you and you will be credited as the copyright owner.

Original Material

We would prefer to publish original travel content on Travel Notes™.

While first publication rights are preferred, they are not a requirement for publication on Travel Notes™ multimedia.

If you have published your work elsewhere though, you must be sure that you haven't sold the copyright to the material, or the multimedia rights to publish it again online.

We don't want to publish any work that has already been published online or will be submitted to multiple websites. There's enough duplicate travel content floating around the Internet and we don't wish to add to it.

Guest Posts

Unfortunately, all these 'guest posts' and spammy, link-promoting, 'travel articles' being touted around the Internet as 'original content' is becoming something of a swamp that I really don't like wading through.

We will only accept material from writers if they can submit a minimum of three quality travel articles, preferably with images.

Each published article would have an author byline and link to the writer's bio page, where the writer's promotional blurb can appear.

Alternatively, we can publish your advertorial for $350 and the piece would be linked to from a relevant page on Travel Notes.

Payment can be made through PayPal.

Click here to make a donation.

Proud Member of The Meta-Travel Community About You

You could be a professional freelance writer or travel photographer looking for a little more exposure, or you might just be starting out on the road much travelled and seeking your first writing gigs.

If all you want to do is promote a website, try our website submission or consider advertising on Travel Notes.


To be published on the Travel Notes™ Online Guide to Travel you will need to submit a short biography to accompany your work and a picture of yourself to be used on your writer's profile.

Photographs can be uploaded from the submit article page.

We reserve the right to resize or crop images, to fit in with the page layout, and a thumbnail may be generated to blend in with the full list of writer profiles.

What We're Looking For

Roving Reporters

If you're on the road, or have just returned from your travels, you can send us your updates for publication. Your work as a roving reporter for Travel Notes™ will be valuable to travellers setting out on their own journey of discovery.

Country Correspondents

If you're not roving you can still help travellers with more information about the country you're from. No one knows a place better than the people who live there.

Credible City-Guides

You really know the scene. Where to go, where to stay, and what to do. Tell visitors more about the sights and how to make the most of their time when they're in your town, or a place you know well and visit regularly.

Cyberspace Travellers

You travel the world at the click of a mouse and like telling people about some of the best travel sites you come across. You believe that link lists are all very well, but most of them are outdated and there's some real fresh ones the Online Guide to Travel should include.

Travel Photographers

We're also looking for quality photographs of travel destinations. If you've got stock shots that would appeal to the travel industry, or just have some beautiful images to share with the world, you may showcase your work on the Online Guide to Travel as well.

Writing Style

The style is yours.

We don't want to restrict you with dos and don'ts and would like to encourage you to write with your own style, thus bringing people back to read more of your work.

Travel writing is as much about what happened to you as the options available to others.

The Subject

You're the writer, tell us what's on your mind and what you know.

You may have updates on places you've recently visited; you may like to concentrate on a country or city; or you may like to write about a theme: Spas, Family Travel, Budget Travel, whatever.

The Length

Keep it interesting.

We don't want to be too rigid and cramp your style. A good length to keep people's interest might be 500-1,000 words but, as you're not being paid by the word, there's no need to waffle; so keep it crisp and interesting.

Writing For The Internet

If an article requires longer treatment, we're writing online and hyperlinks are there to connect related content together.

Online readers also appreciate links to interesting websites and the inclusion of images (if you own the copyright) can make your articles more visually appealing.

We do have an upload image facility, in the submit article area, but may need to crop or re-size the images you submit. We may also feel that certain images don't really do the article justice and remove reference to them.

User Name

The user name you choose (no spaces) may be a screen name you're already known by online, your real name, or the name of your subject matter.

This name can also be used to create a personal URL (to your online profile) for use on business cards, letter headings to magazine editors and even included in e-mail signatures.

The URL will look like:

Getting Paid

While we're not in a position to pay for material outright, we do think you should have the chance to earn something for your contribution, as well as gaining a little more exposure for your travel writing.

Some other contributor websites have fallen by the wayside; continually move the goalposts; pay a minimal amount for 'member reads' only; charge people a fee to read the material and then distribute some of the money between the writers getting the reads; or, heaven forbid, take all the credit themselves.

Advertising Revenue

If we're not paying outright for travel articles, the least we can do is share some of the available advertising space with our writers.

Rather than try and work out reasonable advertising percentages (to be divided between 'x amount of writers', submitting 'y amount of articles', that are read by 'z amount of visitors'), I think we've found a better revenue share proposal that shouldn't be open to abuse.

Writers may run their own advertising campaigns; negotiating their own rates for said campaigns and keep 100% of the revenue the campaign generates, for themselves.

Available ad sizes are 468x60 Banner, 728x90 Leaderboard, 160x600 Skyscraper or 300x250 box.

Advertising campaigns should be travel-related and suitable for a general audience.

Google Adsense

Alternatively, if you have a Google Adsense publisher account, we could add your Google pub-id to the Google skyscraper on your articles.

Proud Member of The Meta-Travel Community Travel Writing Competitions

Trying to marry advertisers to their content and attract readers to their articles is not for most writers; it's hard enough for publishers.

Therefore we propose to run travel writing competitions for our writers with cash prizes, through the Meta-Travel Community pages.

Be sure to like Travel Notes on Facebook to keep up with what's happening and connect with your fellow travel writers.

Promoting Your Work

While we encourage you to use your unique URL on business cards, letter headings and e-mail signatures, please don't spam travel forums and discussion groups to promote your articles.

As is a part of - The Online Guide to Travel, we will link to the articles from our relevant destination pages.

The articles will therefore be searchable from every page on Travel Notes™ and hopefully spidered by Google and other major search engines that crawl on a regular basis.

New articles will also be featured in our what's new sections, mailing lists, e-zine, and added to our RSS Feeds.

If people like your work, you'll build up a loyal following and they'll return for more; so be sure to contribute regularly.

Come on Board - submit your travel article.

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