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With no-one next to me on the plane and an ocean of black heads in front of me, I welcomed my anonymous solitude.

It was a chance to catch up on some neglected writing and further reading.

In Seoul there was never a quiet moment. Not even on the 'subway' returning from the Sports Complex.

Lost in thought I often studied my map and contemplated a new area of the city to experience, and search out a little Korean meal when someone would tap me on the shoulder.

"Excuse me, do you mind if I speak with you some little English?" a stranger, an inhabitant of the host city, would ask.

"No, go ahead." Occasionally, I did mind; especially as the conversation invariably led the same way. But I was too polite.

"My name is Lin Ho," the straight forward introduction was the most common.

Or else it was, "Can I help you?" This annoyed me; I was never lost, although often wandering aimlessly I would consult my map for new bearings.

Once the ice was broken, the questions followed:

"How long have you been in Korea?"

Everyday my answer lengthened.

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