The picturesque Daintree Village nestles on the southern bank of the magnificent Daintree river, only 1 hours drive from Cairns and 45 minutes from Port Douglas.

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Daintree Rainforest -- by Cairns Web Design

The Daintree Rainforest is famous for its visual splendour and verdant rainforest-clad mountains that plunge dramatically to the deep sapphire blue of the Coral Sea and to the magnificence of the Great Barrier Reef.

This is Australia's most prestigious rainforest.

Daintree Village Tourism Association:
The picturesque Daintree Village nestles on the southern bank of the magnificent Daintree river, only 1 hours drive from Cairns and 45 minutes from Port Douglas.

Although only 100 locals inhabit the village, it exists as a thriving and pleasurable ecotourism destination; with a myriad of birdwatching tours, rainforest walks, river cruises, and aboriginal guided experiences available: A nature enthusiast's bliss!

Many birds, butterflies, and marsupials abound the area with over 455 bird species recorded; many are easily seen within the township.

The critically endangered cassowary is a particularly special, and commonly seen inhabitant of the rainforest.

Large saltwater crocodiles (crocodylus porosus) inhabit the Daintree river and are commonly seen on river cruises. Other reptiles, frogs, bats, and insects are abundant; many of which are unique to this part of Australia.

The countless species of trees, ferns, and funghi are often referred to as containing "the future cure to cancer."

Most accommodation in the Daintree boast extraordinary locations deep within the rainforest, with regular bird and animal visitors.

Because most accommodation is set upon the mountains, they also are lucky enough to have sweeping views of the ocean and river.

A must visit for anyone with a passion for all things natural

Daintree Air Services:
Air charters and scenic air tours around the top of Australia.

Daintree Tips:
This area is incredibly wildlife rich, and as a result it is essential you pack your binoculars, a good camera and some patience.

Many rainforest waterfalls and natural swimming holes are scattered around the area, so bring something to swim in... although, many are so private you could probably just bring your bithday suit.
Submitted by: Red Mill House.

Daintree Accommodation

Daintree Cloud 9 Retreat:
Situated just 2 kilometres from Daintree Village, Cloud 9 is set on a pole in 15 acres of forested mountainside. While the retreat is about peace, tranquility, comfort and absolute privacy there's also badminton, a spa, sunning deck and extensive tropical gardens.

Daintree Eco Lodge:
A private up market getaway, ideal for a romantic interlude, stress-free breaks, small conferences, incentives, birdwatchers, nature lovers and those seeking soft adventure -- set in 30 acres of lush ancient rainforest in the World Heritage Daintree National Park.

Daintree Valley Haven:
Self-contained, air-conditioned, bed and breakfast bungalows on a lovely secluded 30-acre property near the World Heritage listed Daintree National Park.

Daintree Wilderness Lodge:
A small intimate lodge offering tranquility amongst the World Heritage rainforest. Range of activities availble including guided rainforest night tours, horse riding, river wildlife cruises and Great Barrier Reef snorkelling and diving.

Red Mill House Bed and Breakfast:
The spacious verandahs of Daintree's Red Mill House are relaxing places to while away the hours reading, chatting and watching the wildlife. The Little Kingfisher may be seen visiting the pond, or you may bump into a White Lipped Green Tree Frog.

Daintree Tours

Chris Dahlberg's Birdwatching River Tours:
Chris has been conducting a wildlife observation river tour at dawn in an open boat since early 1992. Along with other wildlife, Chris has targetted 3 difficult bird species for visiting birdwatchers -- the Great-billed Heron, Black Bittern and Little Kingfisher.

Daintree River Cruises:
What would a trip to the Daintree be without a cruise on the river. The types of cruise are as various as the characters who drive the boats. Choose from small (4 person) cruises, specialised, eg. Bird-watching cruises, estuary cruises, and larger boats, including one with an alcohol licence (not for the driver!).

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Set in the Daintree Wilderness, located in North Queensland, Australia, where a tropical rain forest borders the Great Barrier Reef, the first-person narrative reflects the emotions of a young boy, camping with his father, who ponders on the past of this wondrous spot and contemplates its future.
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