Australia is so full of superlatives that the best way to appreciate them all is to get Down Under and see for yourself mate. 1800-Australia: Australia Index -- Add URL

Australian Flag and National Anthem
Australian Flag

Australia is so full of superlatives that the best way to appreciate them all is to get Down Under and see for yourself mate.

About Australia

Australia is the world's largest island, and smallest continent. It has a huge red centre, with symbolic Ayers Rock, Uluhru, the largest monolith on Earth.

The Barrier Reef is the largest coral in the world, and the snowfields of The Great Dividing Range are greater than those of Alpine Switzerland.

The vast interior is called the Outback, where you will be offered bush tucker for meal breaks.

The land is so immense, that it seems there is so much of nothing before you reach anything.

Don't tell the Aussies that they are the biggest braggarts, and remember that a "Pommy Bastard" is a term of endearment.

The Australians will go out of their way to make you feel welcome and if you can take the saloon banter, you'll have friends for life.

National Anthem
of Australia.

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Map of Australia -- Australia Weather

Use the interactive map of Australia to travel around the Australian continent.

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Round The World Flights:
If you've got the time, the best way to visit Australia is on part of a Round The World flight ticket; giving you the opportunity to visit New Zealand and parts of Asia.

eVisas For Australia:
95% of all evisa applications are approved within 24 hours. No charges whatsoever are applied to unsuccessful evisa applications.

Motor Homes Australia:
Holidays Allover operates a centralised booking service for the rental of motor homes in Australia. Also able to offer one-way motor home rentals between all major towns and capital cities in Australia, including the Northern Territory, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Major Places of Interest in Australia

Australia Town Map:
Locate the major towns in Australia.

Adelaide --

Alice Springs:
It's the heart of Australia, the capital of the Outback and the most romantic country town in the world.

Barrier Reef --

Blue Mountains:
Located less than two hour's drive from Sydney, the Blue Mountains offer a natural wonderland of untamed bush, spectacular rock formations and native wildlife.

Brisbane --

Cairns --

From wildlife to nightlife, national monuments to national parks, observatories to conservatories and physical culture to viticulture, Australia's capital is a city of many parts.

Cape York --

Green and lush with palms and the perfume of frangipanis, Darwin is the capital of tropical Australia.

Hobart --

Melbourne --

Perth --

Probably the most visited city in Australia.

Travel To Australia

Getting Around Australia

By Air -- There are air passes but what's the point of flying everywhere if you don't get to see Australia properly. Take more time off and stay on the Australian land.

Australia's far-reaching airline gives you the arrivals, departures and connecting schedules to major destinations around the world. You can even redeem your frequent flyer points.

Frequent Flyers:
The Australian Frequent Flyer lets you calculate the points needed for free flights on Australia's airlines. A London to Sydney return is 130,000, so get saving. Go to the airline's site to find out how you can get those points.

By Rail -- There are many scenic railway routes in Australia and some very long, trans-continental routes.

Australian Rail Maps:
Interactive on-line maps of all passenger railways and tramways throughout Australia including long distance, commuter rail, subway and tram services. Details include journey times, service frequencies and links to all operators sites.

Backpacking -- Many travellers club together to buy second hand cars, and many more follow each other from hostel to hostel by bus.

Oz Experience:
Buses for backpackers who want to see Australia properly.

Nomads Backpackers:
No chores, curfews or lockouts. Thirty-five hostels across Australia with more than 2,000 beds.

The loner prefers to hitch-hike around the continent and meet more of the locals, themselves moving around to see more of their country.

Walkabout Down Under: Hitch-Hiking in Australia
Hitch-hiking around the continent of Australia; the waits can be long, but the rewards are great. Meet some of the Australian characters in this expanding travelogue.

Australia Travel Tips

Budget Travel Tips:
Some good information for first-time budget travellers to Australia, and those thinking about casual work.

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DK Eyewitness Travel Guide to Australia -- Balancing an elegant format with comprehensive information, DK's Eyewitness guidebooks are both practical resources and great souvenirs of your trip.
Australia Travel Guide

Australia Tours

Book A Tour:
Compare tours from different tour operators online and book the tour that best fits your personal travel plans.

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