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Australian and New Zealand outdoors resource for adventure travel. Includes biking, climbing, canyoning, hiking, kayaking, canoeing, skiing and whitewater rafting.

Aussie Currency Converter:
How much is your currency worth in Australian dollars.

Aussie Weather:
View the latest weather picture by satelite.

Australia Post -- Postcode Search:
Search for a postcode in Australia and be sure that your letter is correctly addressed.

Australian Beers:
Join the Aussies on a pub crawl of Australian beers and pub culture.

Best Restaurants of Australia:
The deGroots guide points you to some of the best gourmet dining experiences around Australia. Choose which state you'd like to eat out in and let your mouth water over the beautiful illustrations.

CitySearch Australia:
Search for businesses, events and venues across 14 cities and regions in Australia. Updated daily.

Directory of Archives:
The directory aims to identify the location of archival collections throughout Australia. It includes repository name, contact information and details of hours and facilities, access conditions, acquisition focus, quantity of records and major holdings.

Driving in Australia:
RACQ travel tips, travel packages and destination information to help you plan your journey by car, as well as ways to use your RACQ membership to save money on your next trip.

Guide to Australia:
An encyclopaedic collection of essential information about Australia provided by Charles Sturt University.

Internet Access in Australia:
Cybercafes and other Net access points aroundAustralia. Select a region on the side bar menu.

Shop the Web:
Making online shopping in Australia easy and convenient.

The Australian White Pages:
Search the Australian telephone directory.

Total Travel:
Australia wide travel and holiday guide. Covers all regions including Sydney, Queensland, Perth, Byron Bay and Melbourne.

Whereis Street Atlas:
An interactive mapping service where you can search for almost any metropolitan address you require, Australia-wide. The detail and completeness of the data varies according to location. Capital city regions currently offer the highest level of map data.

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Encyclopedic in scope, this book will help wine enthusiasts understand the unique qualities of Australian wines and discover the country's many vineyards, both large and small.
Wine Regions of Australia


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