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Angola Travel Notes -- Angola is at an important turning point in its history. After decades of war and strife, Angolans are now at peace and working to build a stable, democratic and free market republic. Find out more about Angola @ Travel Notes.

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Angola was a Portuguese colony, although very little settlement was made inland from Luanda.

Instead, the colonists shipped slaves from here to Brazil.

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Angola Accommodation, Angola Information, Angola Media Resources, Angola Tourism, Cyber Cafes in Angola, Map of Angola.

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Angola Information

Countries neighbouring Angola are: Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia and Namibia.

Map of Angola

Angola's recent history, since independence in 1975, has been bloody.

More than 400,000 have died, and even in peace, hidden land mines continue to tear off limbs and claim lives.

The late Princess Diana brought this to world attention, and let us hope that the publicity from her death can save the lives of many thousands around the world.

Angolan Resources:
Angolan embassies, media, language and culture.

Weather in Africa:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around Africa.

Angola Tourism

Around Luanda, the main places to visit are the fortress (containing the Museum of Armed Forces), the National Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Slavery.

Airlines & Airports:
Angola's national airline is TAAG.

Angola Market:
Angola travel and business information provided by Angowebs.

Map of Angola:
Large map of Angola showing roads, major towns and province boundaries.

Angola Accommodation

Hotels in Angola:
Find hotels in Angola with special online rates.

Angola Hotels:
Listing of hotels in Angola with addresses and telephone numbers; provided by the Embassy of the Republic of Angola in Washington DC.

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Cyber Cafes in Angola

The CiberCafe Sao Joao is located on Rua da Liga Africana, in Luanda.

You might also be able to get Internet access in the Municipal Library.

Angola Maps and Travel Guides

Angola, 2nd (Bradt Travel Guides) Angola Travel Reference Map 1 : 300 000 (International Travel Maps)

Angola Travel Guides - Angola Maps.

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