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Middle East Travel Notes

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Travel Notes™ guides visitors around every country in the Middle East.

Middle East Accommodation, Middle East Business, Middle East Tourism, Middle East Travel Blogs, Middle East Travel Network.

Middle East by Country

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From Bahrain to Yemen, travellers and tourists can find out more about The Middle East at Travel Notes with travel articles, discussions and links.

Arabic Search Engines, Learning Arabic, Middle East Directories, Middle East News.

Saudi Arabia
United Arab Emirates
West Bank

Shimon Peres once said, 'There are two types of countries in the Middle East; Holy Lands and oily lands'.

Middle East Open Directory.

Weather in the Middle East:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around the Middle East.

Middle East Directories

LookLex Encyclopaedia:
Previously known as 'Encyclopaedia of the Orient', created by Tore Kjeilen.

Arabic Search Engines

Directory of Arabic, Islamic and Middle Eastern sites.

Learning Arabic

Learn Arabic:
Learn to speak and understand Arabic at your own pace.

Learn Arabic Online:
An online course in Arabic that teaches basic sentences, how to write, how to count and introduces Arabic grammar. All with sounds! This course will teach you about 400 of the most common words in Arabic.

Middle East News

Al Bawaba:
Top headline news from the Middle East and the Arab world.

Middle East Online:
News and features pertaining to the Middle East.

Middle East Times International:
Originally founded in 1985, to serve the Arabic communities in Australia.

Middle East Maps and Travel Guides

Lonely Planet Middle East (Travel Guide) Shadow Wars: The Secret Struggle for the Middle East National Geographic Atlas of the Middle East, Second Edition

Middle East Travel Guides - Middle East Maps.

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