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Travel Notes™ guides visitors around every country in Africa.

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Travel in Africa:
I don’t claim to have visited all the countries in Africa, nor half of them, but I have travelled through West Africa, the Southern portion of the continent, and parts of North Africa.

Africa by Country

Weather in Africa:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around Africa.

About Africa

Michelin are our favourite maps for regional Africa.

Michelin Africa North & West Map 741 (Maps/Country (Michelin)) Michelin Africa Central & South, Madagascar (Michelin Map) Michelin Africa  North East & Arabia / Michelin Afrique Nord-Est Arabie (Michelin Maps) (Multilingual Edition)

Africa Travel Tips:
How to stay safe when travelling in Africa.

Africa Overland

Overland tours are a great way to see some of Africa's diversity. You'll see a lot more of the land travelling across it.

From Colorado to Cape Town:
Graham Jackson, Connie Rodman, Jennifer and Witt Sparks travel overland on a six-month expedition through the heart of Africa.

Tour d'Afrique:
Embark on the adventure of a lifetime; cycling from Cairo to Cape Town.

Safaris in Africa

East Africa

Kabissa - A Road Less Travelled:
Kabissa, in Kiswhahili, means complete -- although John Blanc admits he's far from complete. A muzungu's (westerner's) observations about life in East Africa; a compilation of encounters, stories and pictures.

North Africa

Tore Kjeilen's reference to travelling in the countries around the North Africa coastline: Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia.

Southern Africa

Trail Linx Africa:
Guide to all types of trails in southern Africa: hiking, day walks, horse riding, river rafting, mountain hiking, and trails suitable for persons with disabilities. Information is arranged by province or country, by tourist region, or alphabetically by town.

West Africa

West Africa Travels:
A trip through West Africa, and the hazards of shared taxis.

African Travel Guides

Travel to Africa:
Browse Amazon's best-selling list of books on travel in Africa.

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Africa Photo Gallery.

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