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Tunisia Travel Notes -- Tunisia is often thought of as the sun and sand capital of North Africa, and with over 1,200 kilometers of Mediterannean coastline that assumption is not far wrong. Find out more about Tunisia @ Travel Notes.

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Tunisia is often thought of as the sun and sand capital of North Africa, and with over 1,200 kilometres of Mediterranean coastline that assumption is not far wrong.

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Around Tunisia, Carthage, Map of Tunisia, The Sahara Desert, Tunis, Tunisia's Mediterranean Coast, Tunisian Language and Culture.

Tunisia's Mediterranean Coast

Countries neighbouring Tunisia are: Algeria and Libya.

Map of Tunisia

Tunisia's Mediterranean coast is indented by many harbours and inlets, notably the gulfs of Tunis, Hammamet, and Gabes.

The Carthaginian Empire once dominated most of northern Africa and at times the southern part of the Iberian Peninsula, Corsica, Sardinia, and parts of Sicily.

The expanding Roman Empire finally defeated the Carthaginians and sacked their capital during the last of the three Punic Wars (149-146 BC).

Most of what is now Tunisia then became part of the Roman Empire, until the Vandals came over from the Iberian Peninsula some three hundred years later.

Arabs took control of the area in the 7th century, and replaced the Roman-Christian culture with Islam.

It was during this period that the area became known as Tunisia.

Weather in Tunisia

View a graphical weather forecast for the week ahead in places around Tunisia.

Bizerte Weather, Djerba Mellita Weather, Gabes Weather, Gafsa Weather, Sfax Weather, Sousse Weather, Tozeur Weather, Tunis Weather.


Today a wealthy suburb of Tunis, Carthage is an important archaeological discovery also attracting many tourists.

The digs have revealed early Phoenician artefacts and buildings from Roman and Byzantine times with well preserved floor mosaics from the 3rd and 4th centuries AD.

The city was probably established as a Phoenician trading post towards the end of the 9th century BC.

The earliest artefacts unearthed by archaeologists at the site date from 800 BC.

The National Museum of Carthage is located on the Byrsa Hill.


The capital of Tunisia is divided into two parts: the old, walled, Muslim quarter; and the newer, European district.

The modern city of Tunis was built while Tunisia was under French rule (1881-1956), hence known as the European District.

Streets in the old town are narrow and winding, with interesting bazaars and admirable mosques.

Come to Tunisia:
The official website of The Tunisian National Tourist Office, UK & Ireland.

Bardo Museum

The old Palace of the Bey houses a museum of arts, antiquities and interesting mosaics.

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Tunisian Language and Culture

The official language of Tunisia is Arabic, although French and English are also spoken among the educated and in tourist areas.

Tunisians are essentially of Berber stock, who have come to regard themselves as Arabs; the Berber language is spoken by less than 2 per cent of the population.

The Sahara Desert

Southern Tunisia contains the Sahara Desert.

About 40 per cent of the country's land area is sand, and camel caravans are still used as a means of transportation where water is scarce.

Around Tunisia

Adventures of Tunisia

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Tunisia Maps and Travel Guides

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