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Liberia Travel Notes -- Liberia's coastline stretches from the Mano River in the north-west to the River Cavally in the south-east; almost 600 kilometres. Find out more about Liberia @ Travel Notes.

Liberia Flag
Short URL: - National Anthem of Liberia.

Liberia's coastline stretches from the Mano River in the north-west to the River Cavally in the south-east; almost 600 kilometres.

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Getting Around Liberia, Liberia Country Background, Liberia News, Map of Liberia, The Flag of Liberia, Spoken Language in Liberia.

Liberia Country Background

Countries neighbouring Liberia are: Sierra Leone, Guinea and C�te d'Ivoire.

Map of Liberia

Liberia was born out of the American Colonisation Society, founded in 1816 to resettle freed American slaves in Africa.

Native rulers granted an area of land to US representatives for this purpose.

The site was Cape Mesurado, at the mouth of the St Paul River.

The new colony was christened Liberia (liberty) and the Cape Mesurado settlement, Monrovia; in honour of United States President, James Monroe.

Liberia became an independent republic in July 1847.

The Flag of Liberia

Liberia's low registry costs make it a popular flag of convenience for merchant shipping.

The flag of Liberia can be seen on many tankers around the world.

The US dollar is also legal tender in Liberia, and is preferred by many.

Getting Around Liberia

Getting around Liberia can be difficult because much of the country's infrastructure was neglected during the battle years of the nineties.

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Spoken Language in Liberia

The official language of Liberia is English, although it is only spoken by about 20 per cent of the people.

The rest of the Liberians speak various African languages.

The Confused Traveler's Guide to Liberian English.

Liberia News

Liberia News:
Latest Liberian news from the All Africa channel.

The Perspective:
Aims to confront the issues head on by concentrating on telling the truth, exposing the root causes, underlining contributing factors and identifying the class divisions which are the undercurrent of the various problems in Liberia.

World News Network - Liberia:
Collecting links to news stories relating to Liberia.

Liberia Maps and Travel Guides

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