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Austria Travel Notes -- Austria, �sterreich in German, is an Alpine country; once you get out of Vienna. Find out more about Austria @ Travel Notes.

Flag of Austria
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Austria, �sterreich in German, is an Alpine country; once you get out of Vienna.

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About Austria, Austrian Cities, Austrian Culture, Austrian Media, Austrian Tourism, Austria Travel Guides, Budget Accommodation in Austria, Map of Austria, Regional Austria.

Driving From Graz, Driving From Innsbruck, Driving From Salzburg, Driving From Vienna.


Countries neighbouring Austria are: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy and Slovenia.

Map of Austria

Weather in Austria

View a graphical weather forecast for the week ahead in places around Austria.

Bludenz Weather, Bregenz Weather, Bruck an der Mur Weather, Dornbirn Weather, Furstenfeld Weather, Graz Weather, Imst Weather, Innsbruck Weather, Ischgl Weather, Klagenfurt Weather, Landeck Weather, Lech Weather, Leoben Weather, Lienz Weather, Linz Weather, Mariazell Weather, Salzburg Weather, Schwaz Weather, Vienna Weather, Villach Weather, Zeltweg Weather.

About Austria

The Danube runs across the north of the country, from Passau through Linz and Vienna and out towards Bratislava. The rest of the country is very mountainous, especially in the south and west.

Of Austria's numerous lakes, two of them form borders with her neighbours.

In the west, Lake Constance, or Bodensee, is shared with Germany and Switzerland; while Neusiedlersee, south-east of Vienna, adjoins Hungary in the east.

Austria's Bodensee town is Bregenz, in Voralberg, and the region is popular with cyclists in the summer; crossing between Germany and Switzerland.

There's also some cycle activity around the Neusiedlersee - Fert�, in Hungarian. The area makes a great escape from the capital in the summer, and it's also a bird sanctuary.

Austrian Tourism

Enter Austria:
Getting to Austria, and other information for tourists.

Regional Austria

Austrian Regions:
Austria is divided into nine provinces.

Austrian Cities

Austrian Cities:
The main attractions for visitors to Austria.

Austrian Culture

Austrian Culture:
Austria's illustrious history leaves a lot of memories behind. Uncover the delights of former glory.

The official language of Austria is German, although many people speak English.

Learn German in Vienna:
Alpha Sprachinstitut is a private language school specialised in German as a foreign language for visitors to Vienna.

Austrian Media

Austrian News:
News from Austria. A selection of Austrian news resources online.

Hotels in Austria

Find and book a hotel in Austria.

Hotels in Austria by City:

Graz, Innsbruck, Kirchberg in Tirol, Linz, Salzburg, Vienna.

Austria Travel Guides

More detailed travel destination information for:


Travel to Austria:
Browse Amazon's best-selling list of books on travel in Austria.

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