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Bahamas Travel Notes -- If you want to travel to a few of the islands in The Bahamas, and you don't have your own yacht, you will have to fly, or use one of the many mailboats. Find out more about The Bahamas @ Travel Notes.

Bahamas Flag
Short URL: - National Anthem of Bahamas.

On October 12th, 1492, Christopher Columbus made his first landing in the 'New World', at San Salvador. Discovery Day has become a public holiday to commemorate this.

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Islands of Bahamas.

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The Bahamas

It was another 150 years before the British became the first Europeans to permanently settle here.

Map of Bahamas

Life in The Bahamas was not a holiday in those days, and the British settlers were repeatedly attacked by the Spaniards.

Blackbeard was one of the most infamous pirates who chose to hide out in The Bahamas while running raids in the area, or up the coast to North Carolina.

During prohibition, rum runners also found The Bahamas to be a convenient location while smuggling into the United States.

Independence from Britain was finally achieved on July 10, 1973.

Weather in Bahamas

View a graphical weather forecast for the week ahead in Bahamas.

Andros Town Weather, Freeport Weather, Nassau Weather.

Bahamas Hotels

Hotels in The Bahamas:
Find hotels in The Bahamas with special online rates.

Bahamas Hotel Association:
The tourism industry plays a most important role in the Bahamian economy and the hotel sector makes a major contribution in this effort. The Bahamas Hotel Association (BHA) represents the interests of the country's leading hotels and a large allied membership of companies that support the industry.

Compare Hotel Prices in Bahamas

Andros Town, Bimini, Cat Island, Eleuthera, Exuma, Freeport, George Town, Green Turtle Cay, Harbour Island, Hope Town, Long Island, Mangrove Cay, Marsh Harbour, Nassau, Paradise Island, South Andros, Treasure Cay, West End.

Travel to The Bahamas

Bahamas Ferries:
Bridging the distance between islands with a ferry system that aims to make inter-island travel fun. As guests ride in air-conditioned comfort, they can enjoy a meal and beverages served by cabin attendants.

Bahamas Guide:
Comprehensive guide to the Bahamas with useful information to help you plan your Bahamas vacation.

Getting to Bahamas:
Plenty of large airlines and several charter carriers serve passengers flying into The Islands Of The Bahamas. Frequent flights are available to Nassau, Freeport and The Out Islands. Although there are no direct flights from Europe to The Islands Of The Bahamas, a quick stopover in Miami is easy and perfectly viable.

Travelling Around Bahamas:
There are many options to help you get around each island in The Bahamas, and to help you hop from island to island. But remember, when you take to the road, British rules apply, so please keep to the left. Visitors may use their home driver’s license for up to three months and may also apply for an international driver's license.

Bahamas Adventures

Shark Diving in Bahamas:
Patric Douglas takes Bahamas thrill-seeking divers into the world of the secretive and equally infamous Tiger Shark.

Bahamas Travel Guides

Bahamas Travel Guides - Bahamas Maps.

Bahamas (Fodor's Bahamas) A Cruising Guide To The Northern Bahamas: 1 Bahamas 1:500,000 Travel Map (International Travel Maps)

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