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West Virginia Travel Notes -- One of the most isolated states in America,West Virginia's rugged terrain provides some of the best white water rafting in the eastern United States. Find out more about West Virginia @ Travel Notes.

Flag of West Virginia.

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Also known as the Mountain State, the Appalachian Mountains extend through eastern West Virginia.

The state capital of West Virginia is Charleston.

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About West Virginia - West Virginia Weather:
Find out more about West Virginia before you travel there.

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Around West Virginia

West Virginia was formed from part of the western area of Virginia that remained loyal to the Union and shunned the Confederacy during the Civil War.

States neighbouring West Virginia are: Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Virginia.

One of the most isolated states in America, West Virginia's rugged terrain provides some of the best white-water rafting in the eastern United States.

West Virginia Web:
Travel and tourism in West Virginia.


Fort Lee was built here by Colonel George Clendenin, in 1788, as a frontier post.

Accommodation in Charleston

Hotels in Charleston, West Virginia:
Find hotels in Charleston, West Virginia with special online rates.

West Virginia Attractions

Beckley Coal Mine:
Located in the heart of New River Park, in beautiful Beckley, West Virginia, the Beckley Exhibition Coal Mine offers visitors a realistic look at coal mining as it was at the turn of the century.

Cass Scenic Railroad:
Antique trains give visitors a taste of how slow it was by steam.

Harpers Ferry:
At the junction of the Pontomac and Shenandoah rivers, abolitionist John Brown attempted to capture the U.S. Armoury and launch a slave insurrection in 1859. Brow was executed for treason against the state of Virginia, but his actions helped to spark off the Civil War.

The Cabell-Huntington Convention & Visitors Bureau.

New River Gorge:
Once raped and pillaged of natural resources, this area of land near Fayetteville is now protected for fishing, hiking, boating and climbing. Excellent whitewater is also a popular draw to New River and nearby Gauley River.

Bringing art to the mountains of Beckley, craftsmen demonstrate the skills that our modern world has almost rejected for technology.

West Virginia Municipalities

West Virginia Travel Guides

West Virginia Travel Guides - West Virginia Maps.

West Virginia off the Beaten Path: A Guide to Unique Places (Off the Beaten Path Series) West Virginia Easy to Read

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