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Uruguay Travel Notes -- The capital of the Rep�blica Oriental del Uruguay is in the southern part of the country, on the R�o de la Plata. Find out more about Uruguay.

Uruguay Flag
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Uruguay is the second smallest country in South America; located in the Rio Plata region, between Argentina and Brazil.

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Map of Uruguay, Montevideo, Punte del Este, Rivera, The Uruguay River, Uruguay Tourism, Uruguay Travel Guides, Uruguayan Embassies.

The Uruguay River - Rio Uruguai

Rising in the coastal range of southern Brazil, between Curitiba and Porto Alegre, the river flows west towards Argentina; forming the boundary between the two nations.

Map of Uruguay

The River Uruguay then runs south, between Argentina and Uruguay and empties into the R�o de la Plata.

Large boats can reach Paysand� and smaller vessels may continue to Salto; 320 km from the river's mouth.

Weather in Uruguay

View a graphical weather forecast for the week ahead in places around Uruguay.

Artigas Weather, Colonia Weather, Montevideo Weather, Punta del Este Weather.


The capital of the Rep�blica Oriental del Uruguay is in the southern part of the country, on the R�o de la Plata; a modern city with the heart of a village and excellent beaches nearby: Playas, Ram�rez and Miramar.

Montevideo was founded by the Spanish governor of Buenos Aires, in 1726, to prevent the Portuguese from Brazil extending south and fortifying the strategic heights in the region.

Spanish-Portuguese rivalry continued into the early 19th century, until Montevideo was made the capital of independent Uruguay, in 1828, acting as a buffer state between Spanish Argentina and Portuguese Brazil.

Accommodation in Montevideo

Hotels in Montevideo:
Find hotels in Montevideo with special online rates.

Compare Uruguayan Hotel Prices

Carmelo, Colonia del Sacramento, Mercedes, Montevideo, Punta del Este.

Punte del Este

Punte del Este is a popular beach resort.

Also visit the nearby islands of Gorniti and Lobos.


The northern Uruguayan border town of Rivera shares a through street with the Brazilian city of Santana do Livramento.

This is the northern terminus of the Uruguayan railway system and a good place to Enter Brazil.

Uruguay Tourism

Uruguay Total:
Directory for sites related to Uruguay. Most of it is in Spanish.

Visit Uruguay:
Primarily a resource for Uruguayan hotels with some background information on Colonia del Sacramento, Montevideo, Atl�ntida, Piri�polis, and Punta del Este. Hotel information is better laid out than Travel Now or, but prices differ considerably between all three and they don't all have the same hotels covered.

Another Uruguayan directory that is needlessly slowed down with a Java news applet that has nothing to do with Uruguay.

Uruguayan Embassies

Embassy of Uruguay: (USA)
2715 M st. N.W, 3rd Floor, Washington D.C.. You'll need Java running on your browser to follow their links to further information and related websites.

Uruguay Travel Guides

Travel to Uruguay:
Browse Amazon's best-selling list of books on travel in Uruguay.

Regional Directory - Search The Web - Top Travel Blogs and Websites: South America.

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