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The Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel helps you find out more about travel destinations and tourist attractions around the world.

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Planning Travel Abroad

Prepare yourself with our essential travel tips and visitor guides from locals, other travellers, travel guide writers and bloggers.

Travel List on Facebook.
The Ultimate Travel List on Facebook.

Best Hotel Deals Online

How to Find the Best Hotel Deals Online:
To find the best hotel deals online it helps to know where to look before you book.

By Michel - TravelNotes.

Travel Research

Good research is key. Don’t make reservations at the first good looking place you see. Check into a lot of hotels and airlines to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your money.

Meta-Travel Members By Mary Dolores.

Add Your Travel Tips.

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Online Travel Tips

Some travel bloggers may think that they're the travel experts of the social media age, but short blog posts about blog posts others make can often just lead you round in circles. Not to mention the top ten lists you shouldn't miss, put together by people who never even visited one of them.

Other travel bloggers really do compete with established travel journalists and produce inspiring travel content; with enough travel tips to keep experienced researchers happy.

Peter Greenberg's Travel Tips:
Sometimes known as the 'Travel Detective', Peter Greenberg is Travel Editor for CBS News and knows how to unearth an interesting travel tip; a nugget of information for you to think about on your travels.

Rick Steves' Travel Tips For Europe:
Rick Steves has a whole collection of useful travel tips to help you make the best out of a trip to Europe. Stay healthy, discover back doors and avoid those nasty travel scams.

Tips for Travelling Abroad:
The U.S. State Department offers its tips on how to have a safe trip when travelling abroad.

Travel Sense:
It makes sense to read up on travel tips from a number of sources when planning to travel. But not all travel tips sites are created equal. This one is owned and operated by the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) so it makes sense to see what they have to say about travel.

Travel Tips From USA Today:
USA Today seems to import their travel tips from Demand Media.

TSA Travel Assistant:
Everyone who travels by air goes through airport security checkpoints. These checkpoints are operated by Transportation Security Officers from the Transportation Security Administration.

The U.S. State Department strongly encourages American citizens planning travel abroad to sign up for the Smart Traveller Enrolment Program.

More General Travel Tips

From website creators using Site Build it.

Always research before you travel.

Meta-Travel Members By Carole Hooper - Travel Safe - Travel Smart.

Make the effort to meet the local people; they make your travels shine!
Sent in by Dan - Uncle Dan's Travel Secrets.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites
UNESCO World Heritage Sites:
List of UNESCO World Heritage Sites by country.

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