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South America Travel Guides - Visiting Latin America 

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Travel Notes: Latin America Travel Notes

Latin America Travel Notes

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Travel Notes™ guides visitors around every country in Latin America and The Caribbean.

Around Latin America

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From Argentina to Venezuela, travellers and tourists can find out more about Latin America at Travel Notes with travel articles, discussions and links.

Christopher Columbus, South America Tours, South America Travellers, Spanish America, Visiting Central America.

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Expeditions to Antarctica often leave from Ushuaia.

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Caribbean - Central America - South America.

Weather in South America:
Local weather forecasts for destinations around Latin  America.

Mapping South America

Christopher Columbus:
Cristobal Colon is credited with the discovery of America; although the Italian, who thought he was a Spaniard, didn't realise there was another continent there at all. Thinking he was in the Indies, Amerigo Vespucci later realised that they had discovered a continent.

LANIC - Maps of Latin America:
Links to various websites hosting maps of Latin America.

Visiting Central America

By Air

Grupo Taca:
Alliance of the main airlines in Central America: Aviateca (GU), Lacsa (LR), Nica (6Y) and Taca (TA). No other airline offers more direct service to Central America from more cities in the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America.

Spanish America

Learning Spanish:
This free online tutorial includes written and oral exercises in some 50 separate topics. If you're travelling in Latin America, you'll be glad you studied a little Spanish.

Spanish Language Schools:
Learning Spanish in Latin America.

South America Travellers

South American Handbook:
This is one book you shouldn't travel to South America without. As it's not just aimed at budget travellers, it beats the pants off Lonely Planet's South America on a Shoestring. If you're visiting many countries in South America this is the guide for you.


Luke's South American Diary:
Luke's anecdotes of day-to-day life while bringing up a small child abroad was written while living in Venezuela and Colombia during 1994-9. The collective pages form a kind of travelogue of Luke's travels in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Chile.

Volcanoes in Latin America:
This site erupts with information on volcanoes along the length of the Andes.

South America Tours

Miraviva Travel:
Boutique travel designer offering high-end bespoke holidays throughout Central and South America.

Southern Explorations:
Small group tours and cruises to the Galapagos Islands, Peru, Costa Rica, Patagonia in Chile, Ecuador, Bolivia and the Amazon Rainforest.

Vuelta Sud Americana:
Ride around South America, from Rio de Janeiro to Quito.

Yampu Tours:
Specialising in travel to Latin America, Yampu was created by a Peruvian man and an American woman who, after exploring this beautiful continent together, decided to share the treasures they discovered with the rest of the world.

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South America Maps and Travel Guides

South American Handbook 2017 (Footprint - Handbooks) Central America (Footprint Handbook)

South America Travel - South America Maps.

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