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The best way to learn Spanish is to study in Spain or South America and practice your language skills with the locals.

Learning Spanish Abroad

Spanish - Espacios P�blicos:
Ideal for the traveller who needs to find out how to get by in an Hispanic city.

Learning Spanish in Argentina

Buenos Aires Centre:
Intensive Spanish as a foreign language and cultural immersion programs in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Suitable for students of all ages and levels, these Spanish courses are personalized and tailored to specific needs for professionals, small groups, or one-to-one classes.

I.L.E.E. Argentina:
The Instituto de Lengua Espanola para Extranjeros offer courses in Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Patagonia. Students have two or three teachers so that are exposed to different voices while learning conversational skills.

Latin Immersion Language Network:
The school is located in the heart of Buenos Aires. Through immersion programs students are normally able to reach in weeks the same level as several years of high school or university study. The standard class, of 20 hours per week, provides you plenty of instruction while leaving free time for practicing your Spanish with the locals.

Travel to Argentina.

Learning Spanish in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the primary locations for learning Spanish abroad - the countryside is close at hand when you have free time.

Outward Bound Costa Rica:
Learning abroad can be an adventure in itself. Students are also able to receive study abroad credits in natural history, Latin American studies, cultural anthropology, Spanish language and much more.

Travel to Costa Rica.

Learning Spanish in Guatemala

Centro Biling�e Amerindia:
CBA is a Spanish language school located in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala aiming to provide a high quality education in Spanish and a rich cultural immersion experience to every student. A percentage of the tuition fees are used to fund local projects.

Travel to Guatemala.

Learning Spanish in Peru

Don Quiote in Cuzco:
The school is located in a colonial building only one block from the main square, the Plaza de Armas. The school has 25 classroom of different sizes, the smaller ones being used for individual classes, and is equipped with multimedia classroom, a very spacious meeting room and a sunny terrace.

Travel to Peru.

Learning Spanish in Spain

In Malaga, learning Spanish means swimming in the sea, taking in the sun, eating good food and having lots of parties.

Don Quijote:
With a number of Spanish language schools in interesting and exciting locations around Spain, don Quijote offers numerous possibilities for the Spanish language student.

You could start your stay in a Spanish tropical paradise, the island of Tenerife, obtain a nice tan, get involved with the charm of Granada, discover Sevilla and its famous Spanish customs, go to Valencia with a stretch of almost 200 kilometres of sandy beaches, continue with the historical Salamanca and, before going back home, practice the correct and fluent knowledge of Spanish you have acquired with a stint in the capital of Spain, Madrid.

Study Spanish in Madrid, Malaga, Salamanca, Granada, Almunecar, Seville or Barcelona and explore the history, culture and local way of life.

Travel to Spain.

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