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Drive more traffic to your website with targeted advertising on Travel Notes.

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Build Brand Awareness

Get your message seen on Travel Notes™ - The Online Guide to Travel.

Website Information

The Travel Notes™ Online Guide to Travel provides background information on countries and cities with website reviews, original travel articles, and online ticketing for car hire, hotel reservations and discounted flights.

The Travel Notes network is the ideal place to reach people interested in travel.

A number of favourite countries, currently in development, offer a more focussed target audience; or you may prefer to sponsor particular pages on Travel Notes.

Website Visitors

Visitors to Travel Notes are business and leisure travellers looking for destination information, especially things to do, places to stay and how to get around.

Tourist Attractions and Visitor Information on
Travel Notes members also like travel discounts and are prepared to book online.

The Advertising Campaign

Advertisers who run campaigns on Travel Notes™ see varying results, depending on the quality of the creative and the subject of their promotion.

Some advertisers, in traditional media, have spent much more on putting the advertising campaign together than they did on running the campaign itself; often without really knowing the results.

While the bottom line (in most online campaigns) seems to be about click-throughs, some advertisers prefer to achieve brand awareness.

Ideally, you should aim to achieve both; which means judging a campaign by clicks alone does not give the true end result of a campaign and it's lasting value.

Banner Advertising Rate Card

On the Travel Notes Online Guide to Travel we offer a variety of banner advertising options and rates for effective travel website marketing.

Run of Network Advertising

Run of Network campaigns means the advertising creative could appear on any page across the Travel Notes Internet property; rotated with other campaigns.

Most advertising networks work on CPM rates (cost per thousand banner impressions) or CPC (cost per click).

While advertisers on affiliate marketing sites prefer CPA (cost per acquisition).

Advertising on Travel Notes

Travel Notes makes it even easier for you, with advertising by the month.

We offer our advertisers industry standard sizes with prominent positioning.

728x90 Leaderboard

The 728x90 Leaderboard spreads across the width of the page.

300x250 Box

The 300x250 Box is positioned on the top right of our pages.

160x600 Wide Skyscraper

The 160x600 Wide Skyscraper is positioned in the right table column.

Regional Advertising Rates

Advertisers may narrow their focus to a particular region.

Africa, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, Oceania, South America.

Maximum of eight advertisers accepted per regional rotation slot with one reserved for general campaigns and one for Travel Notes internal use; giving a one in ten chance of your banner appearing on any given page view.

$30 a month for a minimum run of three months ($90).

$150 for six months (Save $30).

$250 for twelve months (Save $50).

You may choose to run a one month test campaign for a $50 administration fee.

The campaign may then be extended on a month by month basis for $35 a month.

Travel Notes Sponsors:
Target your advertising to specific pages for effective travel marketing.
If you want to sponsor a particular page on Travel Notes.

Added Exposure For Premium Listings

Order a Premium Listing + 12 months run of network advertising for just $260.

Your 468x60 banner, for this purpose, sits near the footer navigation.

Start an Advertising Campaign on Travel Notes:
Just let us know your requirements and make the payment through PayPal.

Text Advertising

For run-of-network text adverts, we recommend Google AdWords.

As we use Google AdSense, your text advertising should appear on Travel Notes.

We do not sell text links but we do have a travel website submission service.

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