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South Georgia

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South Georgia Travel and Tourism on Travel Notes


Find South Georgia Travel and Tourist Information with links to official travel and tourism websites and state resources for visitors to South Georgia.

About South Georgia

South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands lie in the South Atlantic and are a dependency of the United Kingdom.

About South Georgia - South Atlantic Ocean

Located some 1,290 km south-east of the Falkland Islands, the island was first visited by Captain James Cook, in 1775.

Map of South Georgia

Until 1985 South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, 750 km south-east of South Georgia, were governed as dependencies of The Falklands.

The local population is made up of scientists and seals.

King Edward Point

This is where you'll land your boat, if you visit South Georgia island.

The 1982 wreck of the Argentine landing craft 'Fenix' can be seen on the point as can the breeding Elephant seals; whose pups are usually born in October/November.

A cross was erected at Hope Point, in 1922; in memory of Sir Ernest Henry Shackleton.


The only 'village' on South Georgia is Grytviken, about 1km from the landing point.

Ernest Shackleton arrived in South Georgia after his ship, the Endurance, hit the Antarctic pack ice; in 1915.

The whaling station has been abandoned although there is a museum covering the whaling history of the island.

Visitors to South Georgia can also take a look at the restored Norwegian church and visit Shackleton's grave in the cemetery. Thorvald Amundsen is also buried there.

Peaks of Ice

The highest peak on the mountainous island is Mount Paget (2,934 m).

South Georgia is almost perpetually icebound, yet still makes some feelings run hot in Argentina.

Argentine forces invaded in 1982; forcing the British Prime Minister at the time, Dame Margaret Thatcher, to assemble a naval task force to liberate the islands.

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South Georgia - South Atlantic

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