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The Internet is a world-wide communications network originally developed by the US Department of Defence as a distributed system with no single point of failure.

The Internet has seen an explosion in commercial use since the development of easy-to-use software for accessing the Internet. The chances are, you're using a browser on the Internet to read this.

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Internet Links

In 1995, AltaVista developed the first search-able, full-text database on the World Wide Web. Today they're a part of Overture Services.

Web portal that provides a variety of custom content on top of linking you to relevant information available on the Internet.

Babel Fish:
Translate a block of text or even a web page by entering its URL.

European version of the addictive opinions site.

Excite is one of the most recognised names on the Internet and among the Internet's most personalised portals, featuring a completely customisable start page.

The sleekest, fastest search engine around with over 1 billion URLs indexed.

Ixquick Metasearch:
Ixquick submits your search to the major search engines and finds sites that are universally ranked in the top ten.

LookSmart vertical search makes it easy for you to find what you need. Try a more rewarding web experience by customising search results and content to get essential, not exhaustive information.

Lycos was one of the earliest search engines, first developed in 1994 by Dr. Michael L. Mauldin and a team of researchers at the Carnegie Mellon University Center for Machine Translation.

Scripting News:
Started by Dave Winer, one of the people behind the invention of RSS, in 1997. searches Google,, LookSmart and dozens of other leading search engines in an attempt to bring you the best results.

Search Engines of the World:
Search engines and directories from around the world.

Search The Web:
Search the ODP compiled directory from here.

Online internet e-publishing community and directory featuring a wide variety of topics, from financial planning guides to gardening resources and everything in between.

WebCrawler uses innovative metasearch technology to search the Internet's top search engines, including Google, Yahoo! Search, MSN Search, Ask Jeeves, About, Looksmart and more.

Women Behind Bars:
Women behind bars host free web pages for ladies who are in prisons all over the USA. These female prisoners are looking for love, marriage, penpals, and a good solid relationship with men and women in the free world.

World Wide Web Consortium:
The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develops interoperable technologies (specifications, guidelines, software, and tools) to lead the Web to its full potential.

Yahoo! began as a student hobby and evolved into a global brand that has changed the way people communicate with each other, find and access information and purchase things.

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