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This article was originally written back in 2000, when I spent some four hours online researching the difference in prices for flights from London to Australia - and found that the cheapest flight was just a phone call away.

Since then, a lot of airlines have come and gone and even one of the travel websites I used, to search for cheap flights, went into receivership.

Now we can search multiple travel sites for flights, and even check-in online.

Searching For Cheap Flights - With Budget Airlines

One of the biggest changes since I wrote the original article, is the arrival of the budget airlines.

Looking for cheap flights online need not be a long-haul process anymore; if you know where you want to fly to and who flies there, or close to there.

Cheap Flights With Budget Airlines.

Airlines and Airports.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Prices always vary according to dates and flexibility of carrier and their routings; and the stranger sitting next two you will have paid a different price for the same ticket.

I hope you're the one who found the cheaper flight ticket.

Dial a Flight.

By Michel.

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