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Autumn in the United States.

The Best Fall Foliage Sites in America.

The Fall Folly Season

If you like the display of nature at this time of year, the latest fall foliage reports around the United States may help you decide when and where to go to get the best out of an Autumn drive in America.

Leef peekers unite, for the definite list of fall sites -- Animated Gif, copyright Michel Guntern.

American tourism sites in the north-east all have foliage sections. Although it has been said that some of the best colours are around this region, Fall Foliage is not only something special for New Englanders.

Where to Catch a Peak at The Changing Colours of Leaves

Some links have gone, some have been revamped and there's a couple of new additions to our leaves changing colour coverage.

This is what they're up to in the United States.


Fall Color Trail in Alabama:
During October and November, colour watchers in the north provide weekly updates on peak colour, scenic drives and seasonal activities to the Alabama Bureau of Tourism and Travel.

A Circle of Colors:
Suggested driving tour taking in many of the fall colour spots in northern Alabama - leaving from Birmingham, Alabama.

Call 1-800-ALABAMA


The colour change begins in early October in the Ozarks or northern Arkansas and moves slowly to the south until it reaches the peak of colour in late October and early November.

Fall Foliage Drive Through Arkansas:
The Arkansas Department of Parks & Tourism has a network of fall colour spotters in every region who supply weekly updates. This information is combined into one report which is available by 5pm Central Time each Thursday throughout the season, so travellers can make plans for the weekend.

Fall in The Ozarks:
Foliage reports on the Ozark Mountains website begin around October 10th. Foliage reports are for the White River Hills area of the Ozarks in north-central Arkansas.

Call 1-800-628-8725


Fall Color in California:
Fall colour reports are sent in from people around the state.

Call 1-916-322-2881


Colorado Fall Color:
Although Colorado doesn’t have the full palette of fall colour that you find in many other states, the Colorado State Parks offer the perfect landscapes to enjoy the fleeting beauty of the season.


Connecticut's Fall Foliage:
Foliage season begins in mid-to-late September and extends through mid-to-late October.

Connecticut Foliage Report:
Estimated date of peak foliage - October 11 through November 13, 2010.

Where to View Fall Foliage in Connecticut:
Tips for 'Leaf Peepers' travelling to Connecticut.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-282-6863


Travellers on Delaware roadways are treated to colourful displays from October into November.

Free Fall Foliage Hike: (Saturday, October 16th at 13:00)
Fall foliage fans in Delaware can join the Killens Pond State Park naturalist for a relaxing stroll through the trails and learn why some trees change colour and why some stay green all year. Hike starts from the Sports Complex Area near the new band shell.

Fall Foliage Paddle: (Saturday, November 6th 14:30-16:00)
Travel upstream to enjoy the sights and sounds of the fall. Be sure to dress warm for these chilly and fun paddles. Pre-register by calling (302) 284-4299. All paddle programs meet at the Killens Pond Boat Rental Area. Cost is $15 per single boat, $20 per double boat.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-441-8846


Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests:
Fall colour updates with recommended viewing routes.

Georgia Leaf Watch:
Check the Georgia State Parks in October, for the Best Parks for Fall Color.

Call 1-404-656-3590


Enjoy Fall in Illinois:
Experience a fall full of festivals, spooky zoos and haunted theme parks, brilliant colors on scenic trolley tours, and events celebrating everything from wine trails to scarecrows. With more than 100 events and festivals, Illinois has you covered when it comes to fall fun.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-226-6632


Fall Color in Iowa:
In Iowa when people talk fall colour displays the north-east section of the state is often mentioned. This is a tremendous area to visit, but the beauty of fall colour can be found throughout the entire state.

Fall Color Leaf-Line 515-233-4110


ColorFall Kentucky 2010:
Fall foliage reports from around Kentucky, beginning on September 27th.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-225-8747


Maine Foliage:
Maine's Department of Conservation releases weekly foliage reports each year during foliage season (mid-September through mid-October).

Maine's Autumn Magic:
Learning fall foliage video for kids, explaining the changing colours of leaves.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-533-9595


Maryland Department of Natural Resources:
The Maryland Office of Tourism and the Maryland Department of Natural Resources offer a Fall Foliage and Festival Hotline in late September.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-532-8371


Fall Foliage in New England

Autumn on Old Cape Cod:
Autumn is a special time in Cape Cod. With summer's warmth lingering, the multicolored splendor of New England's foliage offers a superb accent to the already beautiful vistas of this magical region just south of Boston.

Fall Foliage Tours From Boston:
Experience the gently rolling New England countryside, awash with the colours of an Indian Summer. Travel past quiet ponds and ancient farms, weathered roadside taverns and sturdy colonial churches. A pleasant afternoon of foliage display is capped by a stop at a native orchard for apples and cider.

Fall in Massachusetts:
Fall is a glorious time to visit Massachusetts. The trees wear magical coats of crimson, gold, and scarlet leaves; hillsides glisten under a pale pink glaze; dry leaves crunch underfoot; and every farm stand boasts piles of fat orange pumpkins.

Foliage season begins in mid-to-late September and ends in mid-to-late October; peak colour often coinciding with Columbus Day weekend.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-632-8038


Michigan Fall Color Tours:
It's when 19 million acres of woods slowly explode in a frenzy of color. It's when an entire state is in its annual blaze of glory. It's when autumn arrives in Michigan. And there's no better place to see the dynamic colors of a trillion trees aflame than along our highways, country roads and coastlines. So let's head out to the forests. And let's prepare to be amazed. On the fall color tours of Pure Michigan.

Michigan Fall Colors:
Usually fall colors begin in mid-September and run through the end of October, peaking at varying times throughout the state depending on frost conditions. Except for the far western quarter of the Michigan Upper Peninsula which peaks from mid-September to early October, all other areas in the U.P. peak from late-September to mid-October.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-644-3255


Fall Colour Report:
Fall drives are a tradition in Minnesota. To help you plan yours, the Fall Colour reports in Minnesota are sorted by region.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-657-3700


Fall in Missouri:
Missouri is blessed with a great variety of trees, shrubs and vines. Their leaves turn at different times and, as a result, Missourians enjoy a fall colour season that may last four to six weeks.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-898-8895

New Hampshire

New Hampshire Foliage:
Each year, during foliage season, a state-wide network of leaf peepers furnish the NH Office of Travel and Tourism with updates on the status of fall colour. These reports cover the seven regions of the State.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-258-3608

New Jersey

Touring New Jersey’s Fall Foliage:
Fall is a breathtaking time to discover the state’s great outdoors as its palette of colors transforms the state from the Shore to the great highlands.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-354-4595

New York State

New York State in Autumn:
Foliage reports from around New York State help you plan where it's best to go to see the leaves at their peak.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-225-5697

North Carolina

Fall Colors:
Learn more about this natural phenomenon and autumn folklore.

Fall Colour in Asheville:
Beginning in late September and continuing throughout the season, fall colour reports for Asheville and the surrounding area are updated weekly, along with suggested scenic drives and fall foliage photography tips.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-847-4862


Depending on temperatures, colours start changing in Ohio around mid-September; peak colour in the southern part of the state occurs around mid-October.

Ohio's Fall Foliage Report:
To help Ohioans and out-of-state visitors make the most of this popular touring season, the Ohio Department of Natural Resources provides weekly Fall Colour Updates. The updates include on-the-spot reports from state parks, forests and nature preserves throughout Ohio, helping fall colour enthusiasts pinpoint the very best locations for peak viewing.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-BUCKEYE


Each year, from mid-October through early November, Oklahoma becomes awash with the rich colours and textures of autumn. From Beavers Bend in south-eastern Oklahoma to Boiling Springs in the north-west.

Oklahoma Fall Foliage and Festivals:
Oklahoma's most renowned fall foliage drive, the Talimena National Scenic Byway, invites foliage fans on a pathway through the Ouachita National Forest; right across the tops of ancient mountains in south-eastern Oklahoma.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-354-4595


Fall into Lane County:
Stretching from the Pacific Ocean to the Cascade Mountains, Lane County offers a variety of ways to see the changing colors of fall. From National Scenic Byways to bicycling paths, and riverside walks to rewarding river floats, Lane County offers a spectacular display of beautiful color.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-547-5445


Fall in Pensylvania:
Fiery reds and golds surround you as you explore the rolling hills of Moshannon State Park or the majestic Appalachian Mountains. Choose one of the recommended driving tours to take you through some of Pennsylvania's 17 million acres of forest.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-FALL-INPA

Rhode Island

Rhode Island Fall Foliage Tour:
Rhode Island provides the perfect getaway for those looking to enjoy classic New England fall festivities. The state harvests a cornucopia of fall activities and brilliant foliage throughout September, October and November.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-556-2484


There's no time like fall for enjoying Tennessee's rich variety of natural beauty, from misty Eastern mountains to the eerie beauty of Reelfoot Lake.

Fall For Tennessee:
From the mountains in the east, across the beautiful Cumberland Plateau, all the way to the banks of the Mississippi, Tennessee’s fall spectacle is breathtaking.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-697-4200


Lost Maples Colour Change:
The Lost Maples State Natural Area colour display usually begins in late October and sometimes lasts through Thanksgiving, depending on the weather. The month of October is the most critical time period, with cool weather and sunny days producing the most brilliant colours. Reports start in October and are updated weekly through November.

Call 1-800-791-1112


Vermont's folly season usually begins during early or mid-September and extends into October. The Northern end of the state will peak first, usually around the end of September. In the southern end of the state, the peak is roughly about the second week of October.

Fall In Vermont:
The magic moment of the best foliage can be found at many different times and places as the season progresses. Twice weekly foliage reports and a foliage forecaster to tell you where the best colour will be.

Foliage Vermont:
The Vermont Department of Tourism and Marketing's Foliage Report updates are issued on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons throughout the foliage season.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-VERMONT


Fall in Virginia:
As the leaves change, go and see the Old Dominion decked out in all her Autumn glory.

Fall Color VA:
Gregg O'Donnell blogs fall foliage reports in Virginia for the Virginia Department of Forestry.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-434-LEAF

Washington State

Washington Forests:

Colville National Forest.
Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest.
Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest.
Olympic National Forest.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-354-4595

West Virginia

Autumn in West Virginia:
Each year the wild and wonderful mountains explode in brilliant fall colours. Take a look at some of the pictures.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-CALL-WVA


Wisconsin Fall Color Report:
Best source for the lowdown on leaf conditions from reporters across Wisconsin.

Fall Foliage Hotline 1-800-432-TRIP


Wyoming's Fall Colors:
The western slopes of the Sierra Madre range offers an explosion of colour each fall.

By Michel.
Michel on Google+ Michel on Facebook Michel on LinkedIn Michel on Twitter Contact Michel

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USDA Forest Service
Call 1-800-354-4595

Autumn in Quebec:
The Laurentian and Appalachian mountains show off their prettiest shades, with those regions that boast a heavy concentration of maples becoming especially spectacular.

Fall Foliage Rail Tours:
Tourist railroads across North America offer up unique glimpses of Autumn's color.

Fall Foliage Viewing:
Every autumn, join throngs of 'leaf-peepers' and marvel at the stunning fall foliage that puts America's Byways on the map.

The Foliage Network:
During the months of September, October, and early November, The Foliage Network of 'Spotters' provide foliage reports which are updated twice per week. The updates are posted on Wednesday and Saturday.

The Miracle of Fall:
Find out more about Autumn's palette by following the University of Illinois' chosen fall tree links.

Why Do Leaves Change Colour?
A fun look at the working of the little leaf and the colour-changing process.

Feedback from: P. L. Hedden

As Asia is the largest continent in the world, it stands to reason that they also have a tremendous variety of climates. Most of Japan and Korea and much of China lie in the temperate zone and contain deciduous forests sporting colourful fall foliage. Among other species, crimson maples and golden gingkos bring colour to city streets and the countryside in the fall. In Japan and Korea, websites and newspapers also post fall foliage updates every autumn.

Autumn in Japan:
In Hokkaido the autumn might starts as early as September while in Kyushu the autumn only starts around the end of November.

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Fall Foliage

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