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Different regions of Afghanistan have their own unique traditions, reflecting the mix of ethnicity and tribes in the nation.

Afghan Culture

As honour in Afghan culture defines the reputation of an individual and close relatives, the role of honour and tribalism has fuelled much of the disharmony in Afghanistan's recent past.

As one group carries out violent acts against another, the victims are forced to respond; continuing the vicious circle of violence.

With Rory Stewart at its helm, Turquoise Mountain is investing in the regeneration of the historic, commercial centre of Kabul; providing basic services, saving historic buildings and constructing a new bazaar and galleries for traditional craft businesses.

It has already established Afghanistan’s first Centre for Traditional Afghan Arts and Architecture; gathering some of the greatest Masters in Afghanistan and training students to produce masterpieces in wood, calligraphy and ceramics.

Afghan Culture Unveiled:
Humaira Ghilzai has an encyclopaedic knowledge of Afghanistan, its history and culture. She weaves into her presentations her personal story as an Afghan and her current work with her non-profit organization, Afghan Friends Network.

Afghanistan's history, its internal political development, its foreign relations, and its very existence as an independent state have been largely determined by its location at the crossroads of Central, West, and South Asia.

Afghan Cuisine:
Cook up an Afghan delight with appetisers, main courses, desserts, and the miscellaneous nans and sauces.

Afghan Photo Gallery:
From the grinning boy in Afghan traditional clothes, to the horrors of war, nowhere will you find a truer picture of Afghanistan.

Traditional Afghan musical instruments are mostly used in folklore music but are also played by Afghans in modern Afghan music.

Hidden Land of the Hindu Kush

Nuristan lies in the Hindu Kush mountains of north-eastern Afghanistan, spanning the basins of the Alingar, Pech, Landai Sin, and Kunar rivers. It is the homeland of a unique group of Indo-European-speaking tribal peoples, now called Nuristanis.

Map of Afghanistan

Afghan History

Habibullah Khan came to the throne of Afghanistan in 1901, and set about modernising the country.

Afghan History:
Chronology of Afghan history from 50,000 BC to the present day.

The monarchy was overthrown in 1973.

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