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Immerse yourself in the wonders of Central Africa. Explore diverse landscapes, wildlife, and rich cultures with our comprehensive travel guide.

About Central African Republic

Located in the heart of Africa, landlocked Central African Republic has been facing significant challenges in recent years, including political instability and violence.

Countries neighbouring Central African Republic: Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Chad, Sudan and Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Travel Map Mapping Central African Republic

Map of Central African Republic

Map of Central African Republic

Central African Republic is bordered by Chad to the north, Sudan to the east, South Sudan to the south-east, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo to the south, and Cameroon to the west.

The capital of Central African Republic is Bangui.

 Central African Republic (CAR)

The Central African Republic (CAR) is a land-locked country in central Africa.


The Central African Republic has a population of some 4.9 million people, with a diverse range of ethnic and linguistic groups, including the Bantu, Sudanic, and Fulani peoples.

French is the official language, but many local languages are also spoken.

Resource Rich - People Poor

CAR is a resource-rich country with significant reserves of gold, diamonds, timber, and uranium, but it is also one of the poorest and most unstable countries in the world.

Former French Colony

The former French colony became independent on August 31st, 1960.

Under Jean Bedel Bokassa, who crowned himself emperor and fathered some 50 children, the country had the illusory name of Central African Empire (1976/79).

Conflict and Instability

The country has been plagued by conflict and political instability for decades, with a history of coups, rebellions, and civil wars.

The most recent conflict began in 2012, when a coalition of rebel groups known as the Seleka overthrew the government.

The conflict has since escalated into a complex and protracted crisis, characterized by ongoing violence, widespread displacement, and human rights abuses.

UN Peacekeeping

The UN peacekeeping mission in CAR, known as MINUSCA, has been deployed since 2014 to support the government in stabilizing the country and protecting civilians.

However, the situation remains fragile, and there are ongoing concerns about the humanitarian situation, security, and human rights in the country.

Travel in Central African Republic (CAR)

While the Central African Republic has a lot to offer in terms of natural beauty and cultural attractions, visitors should be aware of the potential risks.

 Is The Central African Republic Safe

If you are planning to visit the Central African Republic, you will need a visa, which can be obtained at the CAR embassy in your home country or upon arrival at the Bangui M'Poko International Airport.

Visitors should also ensure they have up-to-date vaccinations, as certain diseases such as malaria and yellow fever are prevalent in the country.


The Central African Republic is still emerging from decades of political instability and conflict, so visitors are advised to exercise caution and be aware of the security situation before planning a trip to CAR.

With occasional outbreaks of violence and crime, visitors to CAR should exercise caution at all times and avoid travelling to areas that are deemed unsafe by local authorities.


The Central African Republic has no railways, so the Oubangui River is used to transport goods to and from the River Congo.

From Brazzaville there is a rail link to the seaport of Pointe-Noire.

Visiting Central African Republic

Visiting Central African Republic is typically limited to either the capital city, Bangui, or the Dzanga Sangha National Park in the south-west of the country


The French established a military post in Bangui around 1890, and made it their administrative centre for Ubangi-Shari.

Map of Bangui

Map of Bangui

The capital of the Central African Republic is situated on the Oubangui River that forms the southern border with Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Entering Central African Republic

Bangui is the main point of entry and a good starting point for exploring the country.

Some of the main attractions in the capital include the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Boganda Museum, and the market at Kilometer 5.

Outside the city, visitors can explore the Dzanga-Sangha National Park, which is home to elephants, gorillas, and other wildlife.

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