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Escape to Dominica and experience the ultimate eco-adventure. Explore hidden waterfalls, encounter rare wildlife, and immerse yourself in the natural beauty.

About Dominica

Dominica, also known as the 'Nature Island of the Caribbean', is a great travel destination for those interested in nature, outdoor activities, and sustainable tourism.

Some popular activities include hiking, diving, snorkeling, and whale watching.

Travel Map Mapping The Island of Dominica

Map of Dominica

Map of Dominica

Dominica is a mountainous island of volcanic origin in the Lesser Antilles, with Roseau its capital and main port.

One of the Windward Island republics in the West Indies, Dominica has Guadeloupe to the north and Martinique to the south.

Dominica Overview

Dominica is a small island country in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

Part of the Lesser Antilles, Dominica is located between the French islands of Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Brief History

Christopher Columbus first sighted the island on November 3rd, 1493 and named it Dominica.

The French arrived in 1632, but the island was handed over to the British in 1763 by the Treaty of Paris.

Dominica gained full independence from Great Britain on November 2nd, 1978.

Cultural Heritage

Dominica has a rich cultural heritage, influenced by its history of colonization by the French and British.

Its music, dance, and cuisine are a blend of African, European, and indigenous Kalinago traditions.


The official language of Dominica is English, although a French patois is also spoken among the Roman Catholic islanders.

Natural Beauty

Dominica is known for its natural beauty, with lush rainforests, sparkling rivers, and towering mountains.


The island has a population of approximately 75,000 people, and its capital city is Roseau.


Dominica is a parliamentary democracy with a president as the head of state and a prime minister as the head of government.

The country is a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations.


Tourism is an important industry in Dominica, with visitors drawn to its unspoiled natural beauty and abundant opportunities for outdoor activities like hiking, diving, and snorkeling.

The island is also known for its hot springs and natural spas.

Dominica Tourism

A beautiful island nation located in the Caribbean Sea, Dominica is a wonderful destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in nature and experience the warmth and hospitality of Caribbean culture.


Dominica has a rich cultural heritage, with a vibrant music scene, colourful festivals, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Some popular events include Carnival, the World Creole Music Festival, and the Nature Island Literary Festival.


Dominica's cuisine is a fusion of African, European, and Caribbean influences, with plenty of fresh seafood, tropical fruits, and spicy flavors.

Some must-try dishes include callaloo soup, codfish cakes, and pepperpot stew.

Getting to Dominica

The easiest way to get to Dominica is by flying into the Douglas-Charles Airport, which is the island's main airport.

American Airlines offer all sorts of savers and programmes.

Several other airlines have flights to Dominica from major cities in the Caribbean and North America.

Things to Do

Roseau's Roman Catholic cathedral was built in the 18th century, and you can also visit the botanical gardens.

Dominica is a nature lover's paradise, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, diving, snorkeling, and exploring the lush rainforests, waterfalls, and hot springs.

Some popular attractions include the twin waterfalls at Trafalgar, Morne Trois Pitons National Park, Boiling Lake, and Champagne Reef.

Dominica Excursions

Where to Stay in Dominica

Dominica offers a variety of accommodations options, ranging from eco-lodges and budget-friendly guesthouses to luxury resorts.

Some areas to consider staying in include Roseau, Portsmouth, and Soufriere.

Map of Roseau

Map of Roseau

Popular options include Jungle Bay Resort & Spa, Secret Bay, and Rosalie Bay Resort.

Hotels in Roseau.

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