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She's lustrous in the springtime, and awesome in the summer.

There's more too, not many tourists visit her either. It's a shame because they are really missing out.

Sofia - Capital of Bulgaria

When we arrived, Sofia was still putting her face on, but she's ready and waiting for an audience now.

When these men get to work, they do the whole street in one go; new road, new tram tracks, and a brand new pavement - sidewalk.

Welcome to the Maria Luiza Blvd., with the minaret of Banya Bashi Mosque on the far left, and Sveta Nedelya Church at the end.

Late spring snow still crowned the distant mountain. What a backdrop!

This is how Sofia will open her arms to you when you walk down from the station.

Sophia is putting on a new face -- Copyright Michel Guntern.
� Michel, Travel Notes

If you've come from Romania, you'll notice that everybody on the Vitosha Blvd. seems to be shopping, or watching the others from the outside tables, where you'll pay extra for a glass of water with your coffee.

There are plenty of large hotels in Sofia, many of which have been privatised, but the prices can be as high as Germany or Switzerland.

Hotels in Sofia, Bulgaria

If you are on a budget, then there are some clean enough rooms at the Kom Hotel, near the station. It wasn't really a hotel, just an old lady renting out her rooms. The stairway didn't look too inviting, and the shower system in the toilet was quiet something, but the beds were clean enough.

If you get there late, you could be stuck with the windowless partitioned space; just like the budget barrack rooms in Bombay.

When looking for budget accommodation in Bulgaria, it's handy to know that Hotel -- in Bulgarian means hotel.

We headed for one of these in Varna, and found an old man outside with spare rooms. Follow these people, you'll save a fortune, and supplement their pension.

Cosmopolitan Varna -- Copyright Michel Guntern.
Varna � Michel, Travel Notes

If you're coming down along the Black Sea from Romania, there is very little traffic between these two countries, apart from the long distance buses to Istanbul.

There are no hotels at the border, so a lift to Varna will need to be negotiated.

Varna is an elegant city with a busy pedestrian area, and plenty of cafes and restaurants to watch the fashionable world go by from. It's almost a shame to leave.

There is only one train from Varna to Burgas, at 6.22 am. If that's too early, take bus 41 or 22 to the bus station (Autogara).

Bus station in Bugarian -- Copyright Michel Guntern.
Look out for this sign on your right, one stop after McDonalds.

Buses leave at 8.30 or 16.00, and take about 3hrs, depending on your luck.

Bus breakdowns are a part of travelling -- Copyright Michel Guntern.

Another interesting route between Romania and Bulgaria is across the Danube at Vidin. The ferry seems to stop for lunch, and the connections are not too good. But then who wants direct transportation all the time, slow down and enjoy the travelling; that's the beauty of Bulgaria.

Bulgarian train time-table in Sophia, showing major place names in English -- Copyright Michel Guntern.
Timetable - � Michel, Travel Notes

By Michel.

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Most of the URLs I followed were dead or very disappointing.

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