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Romania is not too geared up for tourists at present, although I'm sure you'll enjoy the experience.

The Romanian language is closely related to Latin, but knowledge of Italian might not help you greatly.

What to See and Do in Romania

From the meandering River Danube and the beaches on the Black Sea, to intriguing castles perched precariously on mysterious mountain peaks, travellers to Romania are in for a treat.

Transylvania -- � Travel Notes
Transylvania - � Michel, Travel Notes

You will probably arrive in Bucharest, more likely than not by train from Budapest. This seems to be the circuit at present: Prague, Budapest, Bucharest. And if you make it to Bucharest, you will probably go on to Sofia - I recommend doing so.

Arriving by train, there were three convenient hotels across the main road outside the station. The Astoria was the pricey one on the left, the one on the right was cheap and basic, so we opted for the one in the middle.

Hotels in Bucharest, Romania

It was hard to find a map of the capital of Romania (when I visited), so here's one for you. Bucharest Map with major sights.

Many people will want to explore Dracula Country, but you will more than likely have to negotiate train and bus schedules, and go it alone.

Transportation is cheap, and you can get to just about everywhere, although there may only be one bus a day to some of the places; usually in the morning. Suggested Tourist Routes.

A visit to Tulcea is recommended for nature lovers and those who fancy a boat trip on the Danube Delta.

On The Black Sea

Constanta might have been an elegant city during the early seafaring days, but today she is a little ruined.

Constanta - � Michel, Travel Notes.

There are some remnants of history down by the port. Small sections of the old city wall remain, with a brick arch that would have been the entry point for merchants and seamen.

The port has expanded, and oil stains unwittingly add weight to the name Black Sea.

The Black Sea
It Really is a Black Sea.

The town's beaches are clean and the water reasonably clear, but it is the parks that disturb the relaxing visitor.

Litter and plastic bags cluttered the flower beds and much of the grasslands. Water fountains were empty and the concrete floor cracked, buckled and unattended.

The train south to Mangalia is a sorry window on man's disposable attitude to the environment.

Where agriculture is practiced, the fields are proper - where not, one wonders how long the rubbish is allowed to suffocate the soil.

A big wind in the wrong direction and all of this plastic will have a one way ticket to the ocean.

There are some unspoiled areas that a few Romanian families drive out to for the day, but I doubt if they take their litter and beer bottles home.

Neptun, just before Mangalia, is a complex of very similar communist-era hotels. For long sandy beaches, continue on to the more trendy Mangalia.

Continuing South to Bulgaria

This route is for travellers only. There is very little traffic on the coast road between Romania and Bulgaria, save for the long distance buses to Istanbul.

There are no hotels at the border, so a lift to Varna (Bulgaria) will need to be negotiated.

By Michel.

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