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If you're browsing through top travel lists for the best travel blogs and travel bloggers try looking at some top destinations in travel blogging from here.

Top Travel Lists

Top travel lists are often ranked by page views, influence, social media likes, or 'you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours'.

In truth, the top travel blogs are a matter of taste; and our tastes are changing all the time. Join me at the table for a gourmet feast of travel.

Top Travel Blogs and Travel Bloggers

Let's Go Travelling

Michel (travelnotes)Join the Meta-Travel CommunityMichel Guntern (Author) on Amazon
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Michel writes the Travel Notes Blog.

A Little Adrift

A Little Adrift - Travel Blog A Little Adrift - by Shannon O’Donnell: A Little Adrift on FacebookShannon O'Donnell on Twitter
Over the years A Little Adrift has evolved from a pure travelogue into a resource point intended to inspire and encourage other travelers.

Bombastic Life

Bobbastic Life - Travel Blog Bombastic Life - by Andrew Satkowiak:
Andrew has years of extensive international, luxury travel and visited almost 70 countries; writing over 1,000 reviews of luxury hotels, resorts and restaurants.

Gringo in Granada

Gringo in Granada - Travel Blog Gringo in Granada - by Clif Haley: Gringo in Granada on FacebookClif Haley on Twitter
Clif Haley is an expat from Texas who moved to Granada, Nicaragua and then to Matagalpa.

Europe Up Close

Europe Up Close - Travel Blog Europe Up Close - By Terri Fogarty: Europe Up Close on FacebookTerri Fogarty on Twitter
Terri travels to Europe at least once a year, scoping out new venues for her clients and finding special stories about Europe to share with her readers.

Monkeys and Mountains

Monkeys and Mountains - Travel Blog Monkeys and Mountains - by Laurel Robbins: Monkeys and Mountains on FacebookLaurel Robbinsl on Twitter
Canadian adventure travel blogger, Laurel Robbins, in search of outdoor adventures and off-beat experiences.

My Travel Affairs

My Travel Affairs - Travel Blog My Travel Affairs - by Marysia Maciocha: Marysia Maciocha on FacebookMarysia on Twitter
Marysia was born and raised in Poland but prefers to spend her time and energy exploring the world in search of amazing people, unique places and immersing stories.

My Vacation Pages

My Vacation Pages - Travel Blog My Vacation Pages - by Rainier Narine: My Vacation Pages on FacebookMyVacation Pages on Twitter
Rainier Narine provides a blend of relevant travel stories and vacation suggestions from around the Caribbean.

The Art of Slow Travel

The Art of Slow Travel - Travel Blog The Art of Slow Travel - by Denise Pulis: The Art of Slow Travel on FacebookDenise Pulis on Twitter
Denise was born in Malta, lived in Switzerland, moved to Australia and dreams of living in Japan.

Ultimate Places

Ultimate Places - Travel Blog Ultimate Places - by Puneet Mehtani: Ultimate Places on FacebookUltimate Places on Twitter
A collection of top 15 and best 18 type blog posts on random travel destinations around the world.

Wonderful Wanderings

Wonderful Wanderings - Travel Blog Wonderful Wanderings - by Sofie Couwenbergh: Wonderful Wanderings on FacebookSofie Couwenbergh on Twitter
Sofie, a normal girl with a normal life who travels as much as she can. Let her take you on a wonderful wandering around the globe and show you that you can travel too.

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