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Personal travelogues often start with planning the journey and contain a collection of trip reports as the traveller writes about his or her travels and chance encounters on the road - Nomadic Gatherings - Travels in Asia and Australia.

Join Michel on a variety of trains and buses in Asia, then follow him as he jumps into cars with complete strangers in Australia; meeting the characters that bring Nomadic Gatherings to life.

Round The World Flight Tickets:
Planning a trip around the world is easier and cheaper than you think.

Add Your Travelogue.

Adventure Travel Around The World

Even if the travelling was done a long time ago travelogues still make interesting reading; if the traveller can write.

Sometimes it's the adventure itself that makes a good travelogue but mostly it's the traveller's unique observations and how they present them to the reader.

Ongoing notes about travel are commonly presented as travel blogs. That's fine, until the travelling is over and the blog becomes an archive.

Adventure Before Dementia:
Jean and Ian Morrison soon found out that organised tours were not for them, so took to the train to discover the world; or some of it, at least.

An Aussie in London:
Is this a travelogue? In a way, yes..... it's about a foreigner's view of a foreign place even though some aspects of the language and culture are the same.

Bicycle Adventures:
Stories about cycling in Cambodia, China, Iran, Laos, alaysia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Thailand and of course, Europe.

David Metraux:
Stories and photographs of David's travels around the world - mostly Europe and Asia - with links to relevant web sites around the Internet, just in case you're interested in learning more.

Fernando Candido's Travelogues:
From Australia to Venezuela Fernando Candido has put quite a travel portfolio together.

Greek Landscapes:
Thomas Sakoulas presents his thoughts and pictures from vacations in Greece. A lot of work has gone into this site and there's plenty of useful information for visitors to Greece and the Greek Islands.

Kelvin Baggs:
Travelogues and photos from Bali, Cambodia, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Great Ocean Road - Australia, Greece, Hawaii, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Russia, San Francisco, Singapore, Stockholm (Sweden), Thailand and Vancouver.

From an interesting combination of mouse-overs and imagemap use, you're invited to delve in deeper to select destinations and view a collection of 1,000 photos from around the world.

New Zealand Diary:
Follow David Weiller on a three-month journey around New Zealand, from Invercargill to Cap Reinga.

Round the World Trip:
During his round the world trip (from July 2004 to September 2005), Filipe Morato Gomes wrote a weekly travel article for publication in the Saturday travel supplement of a major daily Portuguese newspaper - P�blico.

Collection of articles by Ieuan Dolby, a marine engineer who has travelled the world for fifteen years. Many of the articles are of ships and the sea, others on travel and more still on absolutely nothing to do with water and ships, or those who sail on them.

Snapshot Journeys:
Most of Karen Zabawa's 'snapshot journeys' are fast 'photo trips'. But if you want to get a wider view, she also has some travel stories to share.

The Austrian Italian Job:
Travelogue and digital photo gallery that chronicles the adventures of six friends in Austria and Italy in the fall of 2003.

Two Camels:
Paul Dodson aims to provide a channel for festival focused travel writing and travel photography on the web.

Travel Magazines

Celebrity Cafe:
Online travel magazine featuring travelogues of destinations around the world.

Travels Abroad:
Monthly e-zine focussing on travel, culture, food and wine. Previous issues include Provence, Turkey and Ghana.

Travel Photography

Visit the Travel Photographers Community maintained by TravelPhotos on SmugMug.

Culture Focus:
Pictures, culture and history from around the world - Travel photos taken in Egypt, Syria, Jordan, India, Nepal, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru and on safaris in Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana and Namibia).

Mountain Photography by Jack Brauer:
Scale to new heights with these stunning images of mountain peaks.

Photography by Jenny Chu:
Compelling images from Africa and China.

Travels in Paradise:
Pictures from Canada, Colorado, Ecuador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Thailand - including backpacking and budget travel guides for Ecuador and Honduras.

Denis Le Gourri�rec started putting his travel photos online in 2000 and the website now features over 300 photographs from about 40 countries; with new photos added every month.

Travel Tips

While Travel Notes contains a large collection of travel tips submitted by travellers who have been to, or live in, a particular country or region, there are some websites out there that don't concentrate on countries but just focus on the 'travel tips' itself.

These travel tips can apply to travel in general and make good reading, but most of it is pure common sense.

All Travel Tips:
Comprehensive collection of travel tips to help you plan before you travel.

Travel Diaries by Joao Leitao:
Information gathered from seven years of travel experience in almost 40 countries.

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