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Tbilisi, Georgia
Tbilisi, Georgia by Denis Arslanbekov on Unsplash.

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Uncover the captivating history of Georgia. Journey through time, exploring ancient churches, charming towns, and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

About Georgia

With a rich history and culture Georgia is a popular travel destination for tourists interested in the outdoors, wine, unique cuisine, and trying something new.

Countries neighbouring Georgia: Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Russia.

Travel Map Mapping Georgia

Map of Georgia

Map of Georgia

Georgia is bordered by Russia to the north, Azerbaijan to the east, Armenia to the south, and Turkey and the Black Sea to the west.

Georgia's capital and largest city is Tbilisi.

Georgia Overview

Georgia is a country located at the intersection of Eastern Europe and Western Asia.

Cultural History

Georgia has a rich cultural history dating back to ancient times, with influences from the Greeks, Romans, Persians, and Mongols, among others.

It became part of the Russian Empire in the 19th century and later a republic within the Soviet Union, gaining independence in 1991.


The official language of Georgia is Georgian, a unique, non-Indo-European language, although Russian is still spoken language in parts of the republic.


Georgia is known for its stunning natural beauty, including the Caucasus Mountains, lush forests, and picturesque beaches along the Black Sea.

Georgia is also famous for its wine-making traditions, with a history dating back over 8,000 years, as well as its delicious cuisine, which features a mix of European and Middle Eastern flavours.

Georgia was a former republic of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Together with Armenia and Azerbaijan it forms a region known as Transcaucasia.


Georgia has a parliamentary system of government and has made progress in recent years towards democratization and economic development.

The country still faces political challenges though; including corruption and territorial disputes with Russia over the regions of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Reconstructing Georgia

The Georgians can once again fly the national flag, but not without a fight.

The normally fun-loving and hospitable Georgians in Tbilisi can be forgiven for carrying sad and sullen faces at times.

The heavy looks are most noticeable along Prospekt Rustavelli, especially near the former Government House.

These people have to walk down this once grand street daily, and relive the memories of the human bodies drained of life as they stare at the slow progress of reconstruction.

The Parliament of Georgia welcomes interested individuals and/or groups to tour a modern architectural parliament building in Kutaisi as well as historic building in Tbilisi to learn more about the mission, role and functions of the Supreme representative legislature of Georgia.

Visiting Georgia

Georgia has a rich cultural heritage, with a long history dating back to ancient times, and a diverse landscape that ranges from mountainous regions to relaxing coastal resorts.

Visitor Attractions and Activities in Georgia

When planning your trip, keep in mind that Georgia has a relatively mild climate, with hot summers and cold winters, so the best time to visit is during the spring and fall.


This seaside resort city on the Black Sea coast is known for its beaches, modern architecture, and vibrant nightlife.


Georgian cuisine is famous for its delicious and hearty dishes, including khinkali (dumplings), khachapuri (cheese-filled bread), and shashlik (grilled meat).


Georgia's stunning mountain scenery offers many opportunities for hiking to appreciate the views, including the famous Kazbegi region.

Kakheti Wine Tasting

Georgia is one of the world's oldest wine-producing countries, and wine tours are a popular activity for visitors.

Georgia's main wine region is located in the east of the country and offers a chance to explore the country's wine-making traditions.


Georgia has several ski resorts, including Gudauri, Bakuriani, and Mestia, which offer a range of winter sports activities.


Located in the north-west of the country, Svaneti is a mountainous region famous for its UNESCO-listed villages and beautiful landscapes.


Georgia's capital city is a must-visit destination, with a charming Old Town, ancient fortresses, and vibrant nightlife.


The capital of Georgia is on the Kura River; in the central eastern part of the country.

Map of Tbilisi

Map of Tbilisi

Beautiful buildings destroyed in the struggle for power by fellow Georgians at the beginning of 1992 are a constant reminder of the hundred or so who died.

After it spent some time as a theatre during the darker years of Communism, the 13th-century Metekhi church is once again open for prayers.

Older churches in Tbilisi include the 5th-century Cathedral of Zion and the 6th-century St David's monastery.

There are some interesting cafes in the side streets where you can easily meet some friendly Georgians.

Tbilisi is on the Transcaucasian Railway.

Tbilisi Excursions

State Department of Tourism of Georgia:
80, Chavchavadze Ave., 380074, Tbilisi, Georgia.


Batumi, on the Black Sea, has a subtropical climate, beaches, and scenic countryside. It is also a popular health resort.

Batumi is an exotic-looking sub-tropical city. Palms, cypresses, magnolias, oleanders, lemon and orange trees, thuja and box trees grow flowering and fragrant in the parks.

Around Georgia

Central Georgia

There’s enough to see here to make it worthwhile relocating for a few nights – probably to Borjomi or Bakuriani.

Eastern Georgia

Kakheti is a beautiful and fertile part of eastern Georgia. Viniculture is traced back to the 6th millennium BC.

Western Georgia

Svaneti is a remote region inhabited by the Svans, clans of highlanders who still use sheep fleeces to pan for gold from bubbling streams. It’s possibly from here that the legend of the Golden Fleece originated.

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