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Chain-o-Lakes, Warren Township, Indiana
Chain-o-Lakes, Warren Township, Indiana by Adam Bouse on Unsplash.

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Indiana is more than just a state; it's a feeling. From vibrant cities to charming towns, rolling hills to hidden caves, the Hoosier State makes you feel just great.

About Indiana

Indiana offers a blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and cultural attractions that make it a unique and vibrant part of the United States.

Indiana became known as the Hoosier State, after John Finley of Richmond wrote a poem, 'The Hoosier's Nest', in the 1830s.

States neighbouring Indiana: Illinois, Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky.

Travel Map Mapping Indiana

Map of Indiana

Map of Indiana

Indiana is bordered by Illinois to the west, Kentucky to the south, Ohio to the east, and Michigan in the north-west.

The state capital of Indiana is Indianapolis.

Indiana Overview

Indiana is a state located in the Mid-western and Great Lakes regions of the United States.

It is the 19th smallest state by land area and the 17th most populous, with Indianapolis being its capital and largest city.


Indiana has a diverse economy with various sectors contributing to its growth.

Historically known as a manufacturing state, it is still a major producer of automobiles, auto parts, steel, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices.

The state also has a strong agricultural sector, with corn, soybeans, and hogs being the primary agricultural products.


Indiana has numerous higher education institutions, including Purdue University, Indiana University, and the University of Notre Dame, which are renowned for their academic programs and research contributions.

Famous People

Indiana has produced many notable individuals who have made significant contributions in various fields.

Some well-known figures include President Benjamin Harrison, author Kurt Vonnegut, entrepreneur and philanthropist Madam C.J. Walker, basketball player Larry Bird, and musicians such as Michael Jackson and John Mellencamp.


Indiana is bordered by Lake Michigan to the northwest, Michigan to the north, Ohio to the east, Kentucky to the south, and Illinois to the west.

The state is characterised by a diverse landscape that includes rolling hills, flat plains, and some forested areas.


Indiana became a state on the 11th of December, 1816, making it the 19th state to join the Union.

Indiana played a significant role in the westward expansion of the United States and was a hub for trade and transportation due to its strategic location along the Ohio River and later the railroads.

Indiana Attractions

Indiana offers a variety of attractions for residents and visitors alike.

The Indiana Dunes National Park along Lake Michigan provides beautiful beaches and dunes, while Brown County State Park offers scenic forests and outdoor recreational activities.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art are popular cultural destinations.

Hoosier Hospitality

Indiana residents are often referred to as 'Hoosiers', and the state is known for its friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Hoosier hospitality is a cultural trait associated with the state, emphasising kindness and generosity towards others.

Indiana Tourism

Visitors to Indiana have a range of experiences on offer, from exploring vibrant cities to immersing themselves in the state's natural beauty.

Visitor Attractions in  Indiana

Whether you're interested in history, outdoor adventures, or cultural experiences, Indiana offers a diverse range of attractions to explore and enjoy.

Remember to check the operating hours and availability of attractions before your visit, as some may have specific schedules or seasonal variations.

Amish Country

Experience the unique culture of Indiana's Amish communities in places like Shipshewana and Nappanee.

Take a guided tour, sample homemade goods, browse Amish crafts and furniture, and enjoy a traditional Amish meal.

Brown County State Park

Located near Nashville, Indiana, Brown County State Park is known for its beautiful forests and rolling hills.

It's an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts, offering hiking trails, mountain biking, horseback riding, and fishing.

In the autumn, the park is especially popular for its vibrant foliage.


Start your trip in the state capital, Indianapolis.

Visit the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, home to the iconic Indianapolis 500 race, and explore the Indianapolis Museum of Art, known for its extensive collection.

The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is a must-visit if you're travelling with kids.

Stroll along the picturesque Canal Walk downtown, and enjoy the city's diverse culinary scene.

Indiana Caves

Visit one of Indiana's fascinating caves, such as Marengo Cave or Indiana Caverns.

Embark on guided tours to explore these underground wonders, marvel at stunning formations, and learn about the geological history of the region.

Indiana Dunes National Park

Head northwest to experience the stunning Indiana Dunes National Park along Lake Michigan.

Enjoy miles of sandy beaches, hike through sand dunes, and explore nature trails.

The park offers opportunities for swimming, bird watching, picnicking, and camping.

If you time your visit right, you can even enjoy the sunset over the lake.

Indiana State Museum

Located in downtown Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum provides insight into the state's history, natural wonders, and cultural heritage.

Explore exhibits on Native American history, Indiana's role in the Civil War, and the state's diverse ecosystems.

University of Notre Dame

Pay a visit to the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana.

Explore the scenic campus, visit the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, and catch a Fighting Irish football game at the iconic Notre Dame Stadium.

The Snite Museum of Art on campus showcases an impressive collection of artworks.

Wineries and Breweries

Indiana has a thriving wine and craft beer scene.

Take a wine tour in the scenic vineyards of the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail or visit breweries in cities like Bloomington, Fort Wayne, or Indianapolis to taste a wide range of craft beers.


As the state capital and largest city, Indianapolis is a major cultural, economic, and sports centre.

Map of Indianapolis

Map of Indiana

French exploring parties from Quebec reached Indiana in the 17th century, and the first permanent settlement in Indiana was established at Vincennes in 1732. In 1763 the area came under British jurisdiction.

The site of Indianapolis was settled in 1820, and was given its name the following year.

Indianapolis is renowned for hosting major sporting events such as the Indianapolis 500, Brickyard 400, and NCAA basketball tournaments.

The Indy 500, and all the festivities that surround it, takes place during Memorial Weekend.

Not everybody comes to Indianapolis for the car race in May, but the Speedway Museum attracts visitors all year round.

The city is also home to several professional sports teams, including the Indianapolis Colts (NFL) and the Indiana Pacers (NBA).

The Soldiers and Sailors Monument, in Indianapolis, is dedicated to Civil War servicemen.

Visiting Indianapolis

When visiting Indianapolis you'll be amazed at all the things there are to do.

Around Indiana

Indiana refers to Native Americans and was first used in the 1760s, and officially adopted when Indiana Territory was formed in 1800.

Angel Mounds

For over a thousand years, South-western Indiana was home to many Native Americans. Today, Angel Mounds State Historic Site is nationally recognised as one of the best preserved prehistoric Native American sites in the United States.


Indiana University is here, and Lake Monroe is nearby, as well as several state parks.

Fort Sackville

George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, near Vincennes, commemorates the capture by the United States of Fort Sackville from the British in 1779.

Indiana State Museum

Located in White River State Park, in the heart of Indianapolis, the Indiana State Museum is a wonderful place to find visitor to the state or a life-long Hoosier, this world-class institution will allow you to explore Indiana’s past, present and future through artistic, cultural and scientific exhibits.

Indiana State Parks

The Indiana State Parks system manages 24 state parks and seven small satellite locations, eight reservoir properties, two state forest recreation areas, and two off-road riding areas.

Collectively, Indiana State Park properties manage more than 2,000 buildings, 700 miles of trails, 636 hotel/lodge rooms, 17 marinas, 75 launching ramps, 17 swimming pools, 15 beaches, 7,701 campsites, more than 200 shelters, 160 or so playgrounds and 150 cabins.

There are also seven Indiana State Park Inns.

In addition to the state parks of Brown County, Indiana Dunes, McCormick's Creek, and Spring Hill there are a number of historical sites in the state to honour Indiana's pioneers.

Lincoln Boyhood

On this southern Indiana farm, Abraham Lincoln spent fourteen of the most formative years of his life and grew from youth into manhood.

His mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, is buried here.

Visit Indiana

Whether you're a history buff, appreciate art, enjoy sports, take pleasure in nature, are born to shop, or are just into a little rest and relaxation, you're bound to enjoy visiting Indiana.

Lake Michigan

Indiana also has a small coast on Lake Michigan.

Indiana Dunes State Park

The sand dunes at Chesterton are constantly shifting, and on a clear day you can even see the Chicago skyline by climbing Mount Tom.

Indiana Experiences

Amish Acres

The first Amish families settled in Indiana on this 80-acre farm at Nappanee.

Some 3,000 Amish live in the area today, and the original farm is a working museum.

Escape to Amish Acres and share the heritage of these intriguing people in quiet celebration of America's tolerance for diversity.

Amish Country

Elkhart County thrives thanks to the individual character of its cities and towns.

From the big city feel of Elkhart to the small-town warmth of Bristol to Goshen in the middle of it all, each hometown in Northern Indiana Amish Country has a unique personality all its own.

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