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Yellow Tram of Budapest
Yellow Tram of Budapest by Arvydas Venckus on Unsplash.

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Hungary's rich history, stunning landscapes, and diverse attractions make it a great destination for travellers seeking adventure and cultural experiences.

About Hungary

Tourists in Budapest

Hungary is a beautiful country in Central Europe with a rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscapes and fascinating history.

In addition to exploring Budapest, you may also want to visit Lake Balaton, for watersports; or the historic town of Eger, for its beautiful baroque architecture.

Countries neighbouring Hungary: Austria, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia.

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Travel Map Mapping Hungary

Map of Hungary

Map of Hungary

Hungary shares borders with seven countries: Austria to the west, Slovakia to the north, Ukraine to the north-east, Romania to the east, Serbia to the south, Croatia to the south-west, and Slovenia to the south-west.

The country's capital and largest city is Budapest.

Hungary Background

Hungary, officially known as the Republic of Hungary, is a landlocked country located in Central Europe.


Hungarian culture is diverse and influenced by its historical interactions with neighbouring countries.

Hungarian folk traditions, including music, dance, and folklore, play an essential role in the country's cultural heritage.

Hungary is renowned for its classical music composers, such as Franz Liszt and Béla Bartók.

The Hungarian cuisine is also famous, known for dishes like goulash, lángos (fried bread), chimney cake (kürtőskalács), and spicy Hungarian sausages.


Hungary has a developed mixed economy and is a member of the European Union.

The country has made significant progress since the end of communism and has attracted foreign investments.

Key sectors of the Hungarian economy include manufacturing, services, tourism, agriculture, and information technology.

Budapest, in particular, has become a regional hub for business and innovation.


Hungary has a diverse landscape. The country is dominated by the Great Hungarian Plain (Alföld), which occupies the eastern and south-eastern regions, while the northwestern part is hilly and belongs to the Transdanubian Mountains.

Hungary is also known for its numerous rivers, with the Danube being the most significant one, dividing the country into two parts.


Hungary has a rich and complex history.

It was inhabited by various tribes throughout the centuries, including the Magyars who founded the Hungarian state in the late 9th century.

Hungary later became a kingdom and played a crucial role in the medieval Kingdom of Hungary.

The country was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until the end of World War I, after which it became a republic.

During World War II, Hungary was occupied by Nazi Germany, and after the war, it came under Soviet influence as a communist state until 1989.

Since then, Hungary has transitioned into a parliamentary democracy.


Hungary attracts visitors with its rich history, architectural landmarks, and natural beauty.

Budapest, with its stunning Parliament building, Buda Castle, and thermal baths, is a popular destination.

The country is also known for its beautiful Lake Balaton, the largest lake in Central Europe, which offers opportunities for swimming, sailing, and relaxation.

Other notable attractions include the historic towns of Eger and Pécs, the Danube Bend, and the Tokaj wine region.

Visiting Hungary

Visiting Hungary can be a wonderful experience, offering a mix of historical sites, vibrant cities, natural landscapes, and cultural attractions.


Start your trip in Hungary's capital, Budapest.

Explore the majestic Hungarian Parliament Building, take a stroll along the banks of the Danube River, and visit Buda Castle for panoramic views of the city.

Don't miss the famous thermal baths, such as Széchenyi or Gellért, where you can relax in the soothing thermal waters.


Venture to Debrecen, Hungary's second-largest city.

Visit the stunning Great Reformed Church, stroll through the city's parks, and explore the cultural institutions, including the Déri Museum and the Csokonai National Theatre.


Visit the historic town of Eger, located in the north-east part of Hungary.

Explore Eger Castle, which played a crucial role in defending Hungary against the Ottoman Empire.

Don't miss the beautiful baroque-style Basilica and try the local specialty, 'Egri Bikavér' (Bull's Blood), a famous red wine produced in the region.

Hortobágy National Park

Nature lovers should visit Hortobágy, Hungary's largest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Explore the vast grasslands, spot wildlife, and experience traditional Hungarian cowboy culture during the 'puszta' shows.

Lake Balaton

Head to Lake Balaton, known as the 'Hungarian Sea'.

This picturesque lake offers opportunities for swimming, sailing, and sunbathing.

You can visit charming lakeside towns like Siófok, Balatonfüred, or Tihany and indulge in local cuisine, including fresh fish dishes.


Make your way to Pécs, a UNESCO World Heritage site and one of Hungary's most vibrant cities.

Discover the rich historical and architectural heritage, including the Pécs Cathedral, the Early Christian Necropolis, and the Zsolnay Cultural Quarter.

Pécs is also known for its lively cultural scene, with numerous festivals and events throughout the year.


Wine enthusiasts should not miss the Tokaj wine region, famous for its sweet Tokaji Aszú wine.

Take a tour of the vineyards, visit the historic wine cellars, and enjoy wine tastings.

The region's picturesque landscapes along the Tokaj-Hegyalja Wine Route make for a memorable experience.


Public transportation, including trains and buses, is well-developed in Hungary, making it convenient to travel between cities.

However, renting a car can offer more flexibility, especially if you want to explore the countryside.


Budapest, the capital of Hungary, is one of the most popular destinations and is known for its stunning architecture, thermal baths, and vibrant nightlife.

Map of Budapest

Map of Budapest

After scouring the alleyways of downtown Pest and Buda's Castle Hill on your first visit, you may return to discover the neighbourhoods between the two keruts (ring-boulevards): the high and narrow streets of Terezvaros, the squares and backstreet cafes of Erszebetvaros, the seedy but intriguing Jozsefvaros.

Budapest is a city to discover in steps and stages - every time you go there, you will find a whole new area of town you'd previously overlooked, that turns out to again have a mood of its own. The city is beautiful in mid-winter, its quiet charm preserved in icy melancholy; in summer, residents and tourists alike flock to the lovely Varosliget (City Park) and Margit Island.

There's more to find even further out: don't forget to put on your hiking boots one day and take a city bus west into Buda Hills - you can walk for hours in the forests there, and find magnificent views out over the Danube and the city.

For one more out-of-the-way tip, if you're heading for a leisurely stroll on Margit Island anyway, check into the Buda riverside and look up the small but impressive tomb of Gul Baba, where Muslims and Baha'i pilgrims meet - and find it by walking up the pretty, strangely Balkanesque Gul Baba utca - sheer fairy tale stuff.

Visit Budapest

The Budapest Brand Nonprofit Zrt. (Budapest Info) is Budapest’s official organisation for tourism, culture and marketing activities.

Budapest Jewish Heritage Tours

Budapest has the largest Jewish community in Central Europe, with an active religious, artistic and historical heritage. Budapest's Jewish Quarter is home to several historic sites, including the Synagogue Triangle of Dohany Street, Rumbach and Kazinczy Synagogues.

Where to Stay in Budapest

Hilton Budapest

Hilton Budapest

Hilton Budapest: Hess Andras Ter 1-3, Budapest.

Hilton Budapest is located in the heart of the historic Castle District of Buda (a UNESCO World Heritage site) close to the gothic Coronation Church, the Matthias Church and Fisherman's Bastion. Combining a contemporary structure with 13th-century remains and some beautiful reflections in the tinted-glass windows.

Guests at the Budapest Hilton can enjoy fine dining with views over Budapest and the River Danube.

Hotel Gellert

Located at the foot of Gellert Hill, the Art Nouveau style Hotel Gellert has been an important landmark beside the Danube in Budapest for over one hundred years.

Although the Danubius Hotel Gellert closed its doors for renovations on 1st December, 2021 the wonderful thermal baths (Gellert Furdo) remain open.

InterContinental Hotel Budapest

InterContinental Budapest

InterContinental Hotel Budapest: Apaczai Csere Janos Utca 12-14, Budapest.

Voted as 'best view' hotel in Budapest, the luxury InterContinental Budapest has one of the best locations in town; between Vaci utca, Budapest's main pedestrian street, and the River Danube. The InterContinental was the hotel of choice for Sir Bobby Charlton, David Beckham and the Manchester United team when they played a Champions League qualifier in the capital.

Guests at the InterContinental Budapest can enjoy an indoor pool, sauna, and fitness centre. Onsite drinks and dining are available at the Corso Restaurant and Corso Bar.

Hotels in Budapest.

Around Hungary

Hungary's rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality make it an enticing destination to visit.

Enjoy your trip and immerse yourself in the country's unique culture and attractions!

Hungary Tourism - Visit Hungary

The Hungarian Tourism Agency has gone through a number of branding changes in recent years; from Tour Inform to Visit Hungary, the latest Instagramable hashtag seems to be #WowHungary.


Debrecen is Hungary's second largest city and capital of Hungary's Northern Great Plain region.

Lake Balaton

Hungary, Magyarorszeg in Hungarian, no longer has access to the sea; although many people regard Lake Balaton (Plattensee - shallow sea - in German) as the Hungarian Sea. The lake is the largest in Central Europe.

The lake really does change colours. The southern side of the lake, from Balatonaliga to Fonyod, is a continuation of bathing spots, camping facilities, 'Zimmer frei' signs, and German-registered cars.

Siofok, on the southern shore, is often referred to as the capital of Lake Balaton.


Pécs is an ancient city in southern Hungary, close to the Croatian border.

The University of Pécs has opened a registration platform for those who had to interrupt their studies in Ukraine due to the ongoing war.


Sopron is a wonderful tourist town near the border with Austria.

The first stop for many entering Hungary from Burgenland, Sopron is 60km from Vienna and 220km to Budapest.

The Danube Bend

A visit to where the Danube changes course is very popular with tourists. The tours to Visegrad and Szentendre are highly promoted in Budapest.

The artists centre of Szentendre is only a short drive from Budapest.

Hungary Attractions

Hungary Maps and Travel Guides

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