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Wheat State, Kansas
Wheat State, Kansas by Samuel Myles on Unsplash.

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Kansas may not be the first place to visit in America but the Sunflower State's stunning landscapes, vibrant culture, and rich history offers plenty of surprises.

About Kansas

Kansas offers a variety of travel and tourism options, including museums, hiking, family fun, and scenic byways.

Scenic byways include the Flint Hills National Scenic Byway and the Wetlands and Wildlife National Scenic Byway.

Kansas is also known as the Sunflower State, after the wild flowers found on the plains of Kansas.

States neighbouring Kansas: Colorado, Nebraska, Missouri and Oklahoma.

Travel Map Mapping Kansas

Map of Kansas

Map of Kansas

Kansas is bordered by Nebraskaa to the north, Missouri to the east, Oklahoma to the south, and Colorado to the west.

The state capital of Kansas is Topeka.

Kansas Overview

Kansas is a state located in the Mid-western region of the United States.

Kansas is a state with a diverse economy, a rich history, and a blend of cultural and natural attractions.

Whether you're interested in history, agriculture, or exploring the beauty of the prairies, Kansas offers a unique experience for visitors and residents alike.

Capital and Largest City

Topeka is the capital city of Kansas, and Wichita is the largest city.

Both cities are significant economic and cultural centres in the state.

Culture and Attractions

Kansas offers a blend of cultural and natural attractions.

The state has a rich Native American heritage, and visitors can explore numerous museums and historical sites that showcase its history.

Notable attractions include the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, the Flint Hills, Monument Rocks (a National Natural Landmark), and the Dwight D. Eisenhower Presidential Library and Museum.


Kansas has a diverse economy, with several industries contributing to its prosperity.

Agriculture is a major sector, and the state is known for producing wheat, corn, sorghum, soybeans, and beef.

Kansas also has a strong manufacturing sector, with aircraft manufacturing being a prominent industry.

Aviation giants like Boeing and Spirit AeroSystems have a significant presence in the state.

Additionally, energy production, particularly oil and natural gas, is important to the Kansas economy.


Kansas has a well-developed education system.

It is home to several respected universities and colleges, including the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Wichita State University, and Emporia State University.

These institutions contribute to research, education, and innovation in various fields.


Kansas is known for its relatively flat landscape, with rolling hills and vast prairies dominating much of the state.

The eastern part of the state is characterised by fertile farmland, while the western region gradually transitions into the High Plains.

The Kansas River and the Missouri River are the two major rivers in the state.


Kansas played a crucial role in American history, particularly during the mid-19th century.

It was a battleground for conflicts between pro-slavery and anti-slavery factions, leading to the term 'Bleeding Kansas'.

The state's abolitionist movement and the controversial Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 contributed to the growing tensions that eventually led to the American Civil War.


Sports are an integral part of Kansas's culture.

College basketball, particularly the University of Kansas Jayhawks and the Kansas State Wildcats, enjoys a strong following.

The Kansas City Chiefs, an NFL team, and the Kansas City Royals, a Major League Baseball team, represent the state at the professional level.

Visiting Kansas

Known as the 'Sunflower State' and the 'Jayhawk State', Kansas offers a blend of rich history, beautiful landscapes, and cultural attractions.

Kansas Attractions

There are many interesting places for visitors to explore in Kansas.

The state also hosts various festivals, including the Kansas State Fair and the Symphony in the Flint Hills, which showcase the cultural heritage of the region.

Dodge City

Known for its Wild West history, Dodge City offers a glimpse into the cowboy era.

You can visit the Boot Hill Museum, which recreates an 1800s frontier town, and enjoy various Western-themed attractions and events.

Flint Hills

The Flint Hills region in eastern Kansas is renowned for its scenic beauty, rolling hills, and expansive prairies.

It's a great place for outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, and wildlife viewing.

Kansas City

Although the name suggests it's in Missouri, Kansas City is partially located in Kansas as well.

It offers a variety of attractions, including the Kansas Speedway, Schlitterbahn Waterpark, and the Legends Outlets Kansas City for shopping enthusiasts.


Home to the University of Kansas, Lawrence is a vibrant college town known for its lively arts and music scene.

Massachusetts Street (or 'Mass Street') is a popular destination with unique shops, restaurants, and entertainment options.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve

Located in the Flint Hills region, this preserve protects the last remaining tallgrass prairie in North America.

It offers opportunities for hiking, bird-watching, and experiencing the beauty of the prairie landscape.


The capital city of Kansas, Topeka, has several interesting places to visit.

The Kansas State Capitol is a beautiful building with a dome that offers panoramic views of the city.

The Kansas Museum of History and the Combat Air Museum are also worth exploring.


The largest city in Kansas, Wichita is known for its vibrant arts scene, museums, and historic Old Town district.

You can explore attractions like the Wichita Art Museum, Museum of World Treasures, and Botanica Wichita, a beautiful botanical garden.

Around Kansas

Kansas is the geographical centre of the United States (two miles north-west of Lebanon) and more wheat is grown here than in any other state.

Kansas road signs like to remind you that 'Every Kansas farmer feeds 75 people - and you'.

Kansas gets its name from the Kansas River, after a Sioux tribe known as the Kansa.

Kansas State

Kansas became the 34th state on January 29th, 1861.

In November of that year an election was held to decide on a capital. Topeka was selected over Lawrence and several other cities.

The State of Kansas has 105 counties and 626 incorporated cities.

Travel Kansas

The official Kansas Travel Guide is your ultimate guide to all things adventure in the Sunflower State.

Plan with the guide online or download it to have your personal guide-on-the-go.

Kansas state's official Travel and Tourism office, Travel KS, is a division of the Kansas Department of Commerce and Housing.


Topeka was planned in 1854 near the dividing point of the old Santa Fe and Oregon trails, and developed as a junction for the Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe Railroad.

Map of Topeka

Map of Topeka

Topeka Attractions

Explore Topeka and discover a city filled with history, culture and fun.

Points of interest in Topeka include the Kansas State Historical Society Museum; the Mulvane Art Museum, and of course the Kansas Statehouse.

Dodge City

The original wild west town burnt down, but there is a touristy re-creation of Dodge City.

Festival time is the end of July, when the city acts its history up even more.


Wichita is the largest city in Kansas, and a major aircraft-manufacturing centre.

The city has a Native American museum, a planetarium, several art and historical museums, and many 19th-century landmarks.

The Chisholm Trail

The Chisholm Trail, a major cattle-herding route from Texas, came through Wichita.

Kansas Attractions

Kansas Cosmosphere

Since its humble beginnings in 1962, visitors from across the globe have come to Hutchinson to discover the inspiration that can only be found at the Cosmosphere.

The space museum in Hutchinson contains the command module of Apollo 13 among its exhibits.

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