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Travel Writers - Write About Travel

This section of Travel Notes is devoted to the creative people who make travel their business, by using SBI to get their online ventures up and running, often with amazing results.

Travelogues and travel blogs make interesting reading but so do some of these case studies.

Start a web business and end up with a life - Make travel your business

If you've ever wanted to build a travel website but didn't think you could, then here's your inspiration. The SBIers are a frienly bunch and most of them have a contact form on their website, so drop them a line and talk about travel.

Find out more about the travel destinations being written about and you'll soon learn that we don't need to be travel agents to help people with their travel planning.

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SBI Travel Sites

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African Music Safari:
Helen, from Switzerland, has always been fascinated by Africa. After some years of African dance and djembe classes she moved to Ghana, met a young percussionist called Mensah and now shares Africa through music.

Wildlife Pictures Online:
Although Scotch Macaskill tries to pay for the upkeep of this site by selling wildlife stock photos on Virtual CD or as Photo Packs, a free collection of wildlife and nature photos is also available for personal or commercial use.

Africa Travel Notes.


Outback Australia Travel Secrets:
Birgit Bradtke, known online as B, now lives in Kimberley so can authoritatively provide this travel guide to the northern Australian Outback; focusing on the Western Australia Kimberley region and Northern Territory.

Rita's Outback Guide:
Rita Amend's guide to the Eastern Australian Outback; South Australia and Queensland.

Travel Australia Planning Guide:
Travel to Australia and plan your exciting Aussie adventure holiday with this guide. Learn from Tina's real life travelling experience and be amazed by beautiful scenery at every turn and very unique attractions and destinations.


Family Getaways Melbourne:
Marylyn Broomhall considers herself an aging baby boomer in a computer nappy; a funny old frustrated nomad who is at the moment living a very full and satisfying life disguised as SuperNan - in Melbourne, Australia.

Australia Travel Notes.


Brussels Belgium Travel Guide:
Jeff can help you make other Belgium travel plans in addition to your visit to Brussels, the 'capital of Europe'. Notable places to consider include Waterloo, Antwerp, Brugge, Bastogne, The Ardennes, Liege, and Spa.

Belgium Travel Notes.


Best Barbados Vacation Packages:
Hamilton and family have lived in tropical paradise all their lives. A Barbados vacation offers beaches, hikes, sightseeing adventures, nightlife or an educational insight into the island's culture, history and proud heritage.

Barbados Travel Notes.


Eye on Vancouver:
Vancouver is the heart and soul of British Columbia and has everything you could ever want from nature: ski slopes, the ocean, massive parks and beaches. Web site owner, Mike Corbin works with BC ferries.

Ontario Travel Secrets:
Guylaine Spencer is a freelance writer specialising in travel, history and the arts. Her stories have been published in VIA Rail Destinations, Niagara Life, Americas and many other places.

Canada Travel Notes.


Le Caribbean Islands:
Born in Cuba, Eddy Tuchman now shares his personal experiences gained from visiting many Caribbean islands during spells living in Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida.

Caribbean Travel Notes.


Chile Attractions:
Having lived in and travelled around Chile, Lorete is in a good position to tell you more about Chile tourism, Chileans and Chilean culture.

Chile Travel Notes.


China Family Adventure:
Miriam Hoffmann was born in El Salvador, to Chinese parents. Her visit to China was back in 1986 and she now hopes to promote China as a do-able destination with children.

China Travel Notes.


Zadar Tourist Guide:
Leo lives in Zadar and is working on a a personalised guide for anyone who wants to know more about Zadar, or plans a visit to the region.

Croatia Travel Notes.


Havana Guide:
Learn about life in Havana from Victor. Read about Havana's many tourist attractions, discover the wonderful Caribbean beaches and enjoy the nightlife in Cuba's capital city.

Cuba Travel Notes.


Cyprus Travel Secrets:
Helen Smeaton can help you plan a trip to Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, especially if you're looking for some hidden Cypriot secrets away from the sun, sea and sand.

Cyprus Travel Notes.

Czech Republic

My Prague Sights:
Dean and Martina have Czech and American roots, have both travelled extensively and managed hotels and apartments in Prague. Their visually appealing website naturally covers plenty of Prague accommodation options.

Czech Republic Travel Notes.

Dominican Republic

Our Dominican Republic:
Lynda and Les, Canadian baby boomer expats, moved to Cabarete (on the north shore of the DR) in 2004; after vacationing in the Dominican Republic for 7 years.

Dominican Republic Travel Notes.

General Travel

Adventure Travel Tales and Tips:
This site is about the travel tales and tips Patrick van der Meer and Sabine returned with, after their year on a travelling adventure. Once the travel bug bites, it seems the journey never stops.

Backpacking Spirit: Backpacking Spirit on FacebookBackpacking Spirit on Twitter
Emma lives and breathes travelling. Her first trip was a volunteering expedition to Ghana aged 17. Now she has put together this guide to starting a backpacking journey; with travel tips, advice, health info, useful gadgets, what to pack, how to pack, and what to pack it in.

Excellent Vacation Ideas:
Melanie Fine offers great vacation ideas to inspire you to choose and enjoy your next holiday, with or without the kids.

Geat Women's Vacations:
Travelling from A to B - missing out on quaint towns, historic sites, or scenic views along the way - is not a woman's vacation. As Judith points out: spas, shopping, sightseeing - that's a woman's vacation.

Plan a Dream Trip:
Plan a trip well and you can’t help but have the best vacation possible - simply because you take the time to address individual details carefully and thoroughly. In the process, you go from 'nowhere to go' to 'know where to go'.

General Travel Resources.


Uncommon Travel Germany:
If you're looking for a little something different in Germany, let Karen show you how to travel in Germany; off the beaten path.

Germany Travel Notes.


Enchanting South India Vacations:
Lakshmi was born and brought up in beautiful Kerala State, popularly known as God's Own Country, in the southern tip of India. Find out more about the natural and man made beauty of South India, her culture and heritage.

India Travel Notes.


Israel Travel Experience:
Eddy's first Israel Travel Experience was in 1959 when as a teenager he travelled to Jerusalem for a year of studies, and spent several months working in a kibbutz.

Jerusalem Insiders Guide:
Myriam was born in Brussels, Belgium and after travelling pretty much around the world, decided to make Jerusalem her home.

Shiri's Jerusalem and Israel Travel Guide:
The amazing thing about Israel is that since it's such a small country, most of the tourist destinations are relatively close to each other. If you don’t rent a car, the public transportation (buses and trains) will take you practically anywhere.

Israel Travel Notes.


Explore Italian Culture:
Cath and Mike Andrews found love at first sight - when they visited Rome. They later returned to get married and bought a house in Le Marche.

Rent a Villa in Tuscany:
Jim and Fiona moved from Scotland and now live in Tuscany full time, to help others have a truly enchanting holiday in one of Italy's favourite regions.

Italy Travel Notes.


Tokyo Topia:
Honor Dargan's adventure in Japan started in March, 2001 when she was told she just had to go to Tokyo; as it's 'an incredible place to be'. With Honor's help, your Tokyo travel planning has been made a whole lot easier.

Japan Travel Notes.


Your Guide To Aqaba - Jordan:
Travel info, practical hints, background notes, stories, facts and fun brought to you by Eszter; a 'local-expat' living in Aqaba, Jordan's only seaside resort town.

Jordan Travel Notes.


Malaysia Vacation Guide:
The long coastline of Peninsular Malaysia, with the South China Sea to the east and the Straits of Malacca to the west, affords a wide selection of beaches and islands for visitors to choose from.

My Island Penang:
Penang, described as a living heritage city and a place of historical cultural fusion, is considered by the World Monuments Watch as one of the hundred most endangered sites in the world.

Malaysia Travel Notes.


Experience San Miguel de Allende:
Donna was born and raised in California, has lived in London, Amsterdam, Chicago and New York. But none of those places have touched her heart and stirred her soul like Mexico's San Miguel de Allende.

Mexico Travel Notes.

New Zealand

Auckland Destination Guide:
Check out some of Auckland's popular tourist attractions such as the Sky Tower, Auckland Museum or Kelly Tarltons. During the Summer there are many free concerts and events on throughout the city.

Holidays in New Zealand:
Born and bred in New Zealand, Gail shares her knowledge and experiences of the diverse treasures and pleasures holidays in New Zealand have to offer.

New Zealand Travel Notes.


Inside Peru:
David and Linda (Lin) Schneider are based in the 'tropical desert' beach town of Los Organos, in Northern Peru. From here they hope to share Peru's hidden treasures with their visitors.

Peru Travel Notes.


Pagudpud Ilocos:
Beautiful one day and perfect the next, many say it’s the Boracay (as it once was) of the North. Let John tell you more.

Philippines Travel Notes.


Algarve Beach Life:
Jennifer hopes to create the best guide to all that's great about the Portuguese Algarve coastal region and its 160 kilometres of beaches.

Portugal Travel Notes.

Puerto Rico

Vieques Travel Guide:
One of the 'Spanish Virgin Islands', Isla de Vieques is an offshore island of Puerto Rico. Find out more about the Caribbean the way it used to be from Luisa Cupeles.

Puerto Rico Travel Notes.


Singapore Culture and Attractions:
Discover Southeast Asia's smallest state with the insight of an expat migrant who has fallen in love with this metropolitan city and its rich culture.


Andalucia For Holidays:
Rachel's Andalucia for holidays covers the southern region of Spain; the area from the Mediterranean Sea in Almeria to the Atlantic Ocean and Portuguese coast of Huelva.

Tenerife Information Centre:
John Greaney lived in Tenerife for eleven years and still goes back there two or three times a year, so can offer Tenerife information as both a one-time resident and a holiday-maker.

Unique Almeira:
Christina moved from Germany to Spain, and fell in love; first with a Spaniard, then with Almeria - in the southern Spanish province of Andalusia.

Spain Travel Notes.


Discover Lake Geneva:
Albrecht likes telling people about Switzerland; especially the Lake Geneva (Lac Leman) region, in the French-speaking west of the country.

Switerland Travel Notes.


Taiwan Travel Experience:
Luca's guide to travel in Taiwan; a friendly and surprisingly beautiful island with majestic mountains and ancient forests.

Taiwan Travel Notes.


Amazing Chiang Mai:
Roger and Helen's account of the magical city of Chiang Mai, Thailand. How to get there, where to stay and what to do there. From tourism to retirement.

Paradise Pattaya:
Brent created this website to share his love for Thailand and Pattaya, the most popular vacation destination in Thailand, in particular.

Tour Bangkok Legacies:
An historical travel guide on renowned places preserved for posterity; the momentous events surrounding these places and the legendary figures who left these legacies in the landscape of Bangkok.

Visit Chiang Mai:
Real life experiences of how to get the very best from your visit to Chiang Mai and surrounding areas, from Kevin and Rose.

Thailand Travel Notes.


Istanbul Extra Large:
Zeynep Ozlem has lived in Istanbul - the gateway between East and West and home to centuries of history and culture - since arriving in 1995 as a student of architecture.

Turkey Travel Notes.


Ukraine Travel Advisor:
Started in January, 2006 Dina hopes to make the Ukraine Travel Advisor site into a real 'Ukraine Guide', where you can find all the necessary travel and tourism information to help plan your trip to Ukraine.

Ukraine Travel Notes.

United Kingdom


Isle of Wight Holidays For All:
Written by island residents, this website offers friendly, unbiased advice for tourists. It reviews and illustrates Isle of Wight visitor attractions, beaches, campsites, towns and villages, holiday homes, pubs, and restaurants.


Scotland's Enchanting Kingdom:
May Cropely lives in the Kingdom of Fife, on the east coast of Scotland; a part of the country that she promises will delight and enchant you.

Top Ten Glasgow Guide:
Scott Docherty invites you to pour out a wee dram, settle down, forget absolutely everything you've ever heard about Glasgow and spend a while on the site. If you need a nudge in the right direction on anything about Glasgow after that, don't hesitate to use the contact form and he'll get back to you.

UK Travel Notes.

United States


Why Fairbanks:
When asked "Why Fairbanks, Alaska?" Terri replies: "Because in Fairbanks, you can enjoy the Alaska vacation activities and adventures of your dreams. And besides, Fairbanks Alaska is friendliest town in North America!"

Alaska Travel Notes.


Destination Southern California:
Annelie Piccino and husband Tony have been tour guides to visiting relatives and friends from all over the world. Now they've put together a travel guide with their tips for best places to visit in Southern California and Los Angeles.

Family Vacation Getaways at Los Angeles Theme Parks:
Although you wouldn't want to type out that mouthful of a domain name too often, clicking on over to Vicki Funes is easy enough; to see how interesting and varied Southern California's attractions really are.

Southern California Beaches Vacation Guide:
Laura's travel guide includes information on Southern California beaches, vacation rentals, hotels, camping, and lots of fun things to see and do along the sunny Southern California coast.

California Travel Notes.


Florida Adventuring:
Having grown up in the northern Everglades town of Pahokee and explored the state of Florida from Pensacola to Key West, and from Fernandina Beach to Chokoloskee, Reid helps you discover new Florida adventures.

Florida Travel Notes.


Boston Discovery Guide:
Boston's many tourism and historical attractions provide visitors with plenty of places to explore and interesting things to do. Visit Boston with Susan, and you'll discover the charm of one of America's oldest and most historic cities.

Massachusetts Travel Notes.


Romantic Lake Michigan:
Ideal for a weekend getaway, romantic Lake Michigan also makes a great beach wedding and Michigan honeymoon destination. Discover over 300 miles of beautiful west Michigan coast while exploring romantic beachtowns, art galleries, wineries, and great restaurants along the 'third coast'.

Michigan Travel Notes.


Minnesota Visitor:
If you are thinking of moving to Minnesota or visiting Minnesota, Judie Ramsey (Judith) shares tips gleaned from a lifetime of visiting Minnesota vacation spots from north to south.

Minnesota Travel Notes.


Glacier National Park Travel Guide:
Perry Rosenbloom spent a couple of summers 'working' in 'America's little Switzerland' so can probably answer most of your questions about Glacier National Park.

Montana Travel Notes.


Get on in Vegas:
There’s much more to Las Vegas than gambling; so much more in fact that you might not know where to begin.

Nevada Travel Notes.

New England

New England Ski Mountain Resorts:
A Massachusetts native, Kevin Connolly has been to the majority of New England ski resorts and finds that 'the season for skiing and riding is always either open or just around the corner'. Even if it's May.

New England Vacations Guide:
Cliff Calderwood helps you plan your visit to Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont.

New York

Lake Placid Area Guide:
Debbie says the first thing you notice as you enter the quaint village is the setting; the beauty of the lake and the surrounding Adirondack mountains.

NYC Insider Guide:
Melissa is a New Yorker, who loves just about everything in New York City. While some New York City Travel Guides have great reference material, none of them can address what's going on in New York City right now.

New York Travel Notes.

North Carolina

Asheville Mountain Magic:
As travel journalists, Nancy and her husband have explored the region many times over the years. Their travel guide to Asheville and the mountains of Western North Carolina can help you plan a Blue Ridge Mountain vacation.

North Carolina Travel Notes.


Pacific Coast Highway Travel:
Mike Gerrard and Donna Dailey have written over 50 guidebooks between them; for people like National Geographic, AAA, Insight Guides, Michelin, Thomas Cook, Moon Handbooks and Dorling Kindersley.

Oregon Travel Notes.


Pa Dutch Travel:
Dutch country is a region in Pennsylvania made up of ten counties, although Wendy (a homeschooling mother) and her son Chase concentrate on Lancaster County; as they visit each place and write their reviews.

Pennsylvania Travel Notes.


Real Austin Texas:
Part directory, part scrapbook, and part time capsule celebrating Austin’s unique culture and honoring its rich history - from Brad Castro.

Texas Travel Notes.


Victoria Falls Travel Guide:
Tony Peel and wife Boo we created this website out of a passion for their home country Zimbabwe and their love for the African Bush, wildlife and adventure.

Zimbabwe Travel Notes.

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